After a Loss

Ectopic Pregnancy

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Normal Pregnancy After a Tubal Pregnancy

I had a tubal pregnancy before 1 and a half year and one tube has been removed,after around a year i had a D and C.Now i am 6 weeks pregnant again is thee any chances for this to be a tubal pregnancy?

Incompetent Cervix

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Ladies Who Have Experienced a Cerclage

I just wanted to know if there are any ladies out there who have had a cerclage...I was just found to be 2 cm dilated and I was 19 weeks and had a cerclage put in. Its been a week and Im still scared out of my brains...What I want to know is if any of you had a successful or non successful cerclage and what you had to go through...I have been put on strict bed rest and waiting for my baby to grow some more and hope she stays in long enough...See the doc tommorrow so hopefully there will be good news!! Thanks everyone!!


How Soon Is Too Soon

I am 32 years old and just gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on April 20th...

Placenta Previa

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Experoences with Placenta Previa

Hello Everyone, I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and just diagnosed with complete placenta previa. My dr. put me on pelvic rest but said bed rest not necessary unless I find that being up causes spotting/bleeding. I have been spotting off and on for a week but no serious bleeding. I am concerned about what could happend later in the third trimester. Does anyone have any experiences with the type of placenta previa that completely covers the cervical os. I have read that although the chance of it correcting itself are...

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