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Has Anyone Recently Experienced a Miscarriage and Trying to Get Pregnant Again?

J.H. asks from Athens

I had a miscarriage about 6 months ago. We have been trying to get pregnant ever since and it hasn't happened yet. Is anyone else going through this right now? I am...


The Experience of the Emotional & Physical Effects of Fertility Medication.

E.R. asks from Santa Barbara

Hi, It's E. again. This Thursday I will begin my round of I.V.F. treatments, and I am wondering about what to expect as a result of Clomid/other medications? I've ...


Seeking Support from Other Mommies

N.V. asks from New York

I discovered in May my husband of almost 10 years cheated on me. Affair was for 2 months but he believes he loves her (she is newly married with no kids). We have 2 y...


Need Opinions on When to Try and Conceive Again.

R.B. asks from Shreveport

I had a Miscarriage March 18th and I was due Nov.1. This has been a hard month for me and while I know I am blessed to have my 2 healthy children I get so jealous see...


Need Support! Pregnant and Unsure of the Outcome.

E.B. asks from Miami

Let me first say: if you're going to send negative thoughts please do not respond. I am only asking for support and maybe your own story. That is what we are all here...


How to Support a Friend

J.E. asks from Boston

Okay ladies... I have a really good friend that has suffered with a very severe case of endrometriosis (sorry about the spelling) and can not get pregnant on her own....


Need Support!!!!!!

R.U. asks from Boston

This is my 3rd question in a week, I apologize if its annoying, I am just at a loss, And want advice from non judgmental people. So as I posted before I am 39, J...


Older Moms Trying to Conceive

M.D. asks from Dallas

Hi all, I'm kind of at a crossroads in my life, I have one beautiful 3 year old son, he had complications when he was born, and is now in a special class for speech ...


Continuing Trying to Conceive or Decide to Adopt

D.J. asks from Amarillo

My husband and I have been trying to conceive a baby for almost a year. I have hypothyroidism, and my hormones fluctuations have been horrible throughout the whole p...


When Is the Right Time to Conceive After the Loss of a Child?

S.F. asks from Canton

I requested help a few days ago from the moms about how to deal with the loss of a child. To re-cap I lost my little girl on November 7,2008 and she was only 4 days o...