Maintaining the Relationship

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How Is Your Relationship with Your Teen?

M.V. asks from Boston

How is your relationship with you teen child? What do you do to stay close to him/her? And, especially when they make mistakes how do you correct them? Whats their r...


Boring Relationship...

N.L. asks from Appleton

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and we have come to a dull point in our marriage. He is bored so he spends all of his time at work. He says th...


Spice up My Relationship

C.Z. asks from Sioux City

So I have this very akward question. And please I don't need relationship advice as mine is doing fine. All I am asking is how do you spice it up when things get to w...


Relationship Advice

L.L. asks from Orlando

Hello. I know this is not a relationship advice site, but as a Mom I feel this is effecting my parenting right now and I want to get some advise to get over this. My ...


Relationship Advice

S.P. asks from Dallas

Hello, I'm S. and I'm requesting some relationship advice from others outside of my situation. I'm a single, confident mom of a beautiful 4 yr old girl and I've been ...


Relationship Problems!

R.P. asks from New York

I need help Ladies, I've been engaged for 7 months & things are not good. Things were great for the 1st 3 months but I notice a change. Problems came on when I had t...


Relationship Advice

R.P. asks from Denver

Hi Married Ladies, I am in need of relationship advice. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. He is a sweet, joyful, and wonderful guy. He takes good ...


Relationship with My in Laws

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I need some advice about my relationship with my in-laws. So my in laws ( i am included my husband’s parents,sisters and brothers) are good people.I have nothin...


What Is Your Relationship with Your Mother?

M.A. asks from Chicago

Long story short, I have a very messy/non-existent relationship with my mother. I think she has untreated depression(or possibly bi-polar disorder) that she refuses t...


What Is Your Relationship with Your Own Mother?

M.A. asks from Toledo

I'm just wondering what relationship do you have with your mother. Mine had its ups and downs but lately it is a nightmare. My mother always criticizes everything I d...