EPT Or Clear Blue Digital?

Updated on March 17, 2011
R.L. asks from Kirkland, WA
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Ok, ladies. I know many of you don't like "am I pregnant" questions, but I need your opinion about tests. We have been TTC for a few months, and today I took a First Response and got a faint positive. I have read that there's really no such thing as a false positive, so I think it probably counts, but I took the test in the middle of the afternoon because I am so excited and couldn't wait any longer! My hubby is not so sure it means a positive, so we went out and bought Clear Blue digital and EPT early result tests. I am going to take one of them first thing in the morning, and just in case I don't have enough pee to go around, which one should I take?

Thanks for your input!

Side note: This will be our first. My period has always been irregular (24-47 days, avg 35), and tomorrow will be day 35. I've been feeling PMS or pregnancy symptoms for about 2 weeks (bad bloating, stomach pain, really tired), and I usually have mild PMS. I think I ovulated 10 days ago, and I spotted (implantation bleeding?) 4 days ago.

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So What Happened?

3princes1princess, thanks for the website recommendation!! That's what I was looking for!

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answers from Dallas on

Neither! Go to the dollar store and get the dollar tree brand one. I have found out early with the last 3 of my pregnancies with them. They showed that I was pregnant before even blood tests did.

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answers from Phoenix on

The first response, in my opinion, is the best of the three....so you are pregnant. I think the EPT would be your best option tomorrow because the digital pregnancy tests are known to be the least sensitive, i.e., it will take longer to get a 'pregnant'.

Pee on a stick.com has lots of info and probably shows the sensitivity for all your choices.


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answers from Washington DC on

My sister recently complained that the digital one her DH bought her gave them a nice result..but then the battery died so she can't hold it for posterity. If you are the kind who would want to keep it, then don't go digital.

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answers from Dallas on

Good luck to you!!
We just found out on Sunday that we are+++ after 10mos of trying. I know how anxious you are.

p.s. I photographed the entire process - the test as it was in the process of changing to 2 lines, my face in the mirror as it was happening. That's how we told our family.
Copy & paste the link to see:


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answers from Kansas City on

I get that you want to do a back-up, but I'm guessing your pregnant! Yay you! Even a faint line is a line and it probably was faint b/c it was the middle of the day. I haven't noticed a difference in the tests, so either one is prob fine, but 3princes seems to know, so go with her advice! ;)

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answers from Washington DC on

Good luck! Both tests should be reliable, I perfer EPT but I once got a really early confirmation on Clear Blue. I was such an addict when trying for our first - I think even after I got positive confirmation I tested every morning with First Response until about 8 weeks! :-) Just loved seeing that ++++!

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answers from Washington DC on

take one that says either pregnant or not pregnant. There is no room for error on those tests


answers from Lincoln on

i just used the walgreens brand!



answers from Jacksonville on

Clear Blue Digital lied to me and said I was prego when my son was only 6 weeks old!!! I cried and cried and cried as I was not ready for two kids that close together in age. I took the second one the next day and it said I wasn't!!!!! I went to my DR for a blood test and it came back negative.

That was my first and last time with CB digital as I've always bought either EPT or walmart brand and never had a false test with either brand.

Good luck and congrats if you are!!



answers from Utica on

If you are worried about not having enough `morning pee`to take two tests just pee in a disposible plastic cup and hold it in the urine to take the test(s). That way you can use both if you want or need to. Just make sure that the cup you use is clean and dry and check the instructions on the box for how long to hold the test in your urine
Good Luck



answers from Chicago on

I haven't really noticed a difference with brands. I used one with my twins and showed a faint positive four days before my missed period. I used the other brand for this pregnancy and also showed a faint positive three days before my missed period. Anyway, since you've already seen a faint positive, congrats! You're pregnant!

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