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Updated on June 08, 2010
J.L. asks from Lorain, OH
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I have taken 3 home tests all of which have a very faint pink line on them. I'm 4 days late. With my other 2 pregnancy's the line was the same color as the control line within seconds. Is this normal or is it infact negative? Any advice is appriciated. I was thinking about calling my OB today to see what advice they have.

UpDate: Well THANKS So much for all of the positive comments. I did go to the Dr and have a Blood test done today. I am in fact Pregnant!!! Thanks again!!

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answers from Columbus on

I learned my lesson with those tests...it is worth a little extra money to get the Clearblue type with the words "pregnant" or "not pregnant." In the end you might save money instead of doing several of the ones with the lines that aren't always clear. Hope that helps!

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answers from Dallas on

Any line is a positive line. The faint line may just mean your hCG levels are just a bit lower right now then the last two times you got pregnant.
Not to scare you though... keep an eye out for possible problems like more than light spotting bleeding, no pregnancy symptoms, etc. I've had two very normal pregnancies then had a chemical pregnancy in February and then got pregnant again in April. The line was a bit fainter than I remember the last two pregnancies being. That pregnancy was terminated by surgery on May 12th due to it being an ectopic pregnancy that was about to burst. I knew something was wrong because I wasn't really feeling pregnant and because I started lightly bleeding (even though that is fairly common in 1st trimesters). I started having my hCG levels checked and they were not doubling every 24 hours like they should. They were going up 33% every 96 hours (4 days). Between the levels being low and not double I knew something was terribly wrong and kept pushing until FINALLY I got someone to diagnose me with an internally hemorrhaging ectopic pregnancy.
I am not saying this will happen to you, especially if you don't have any of the preexisting conditions. I didn't have any of them either but just got lucky I guess. I just wanted to point this out JUST in case something like this should happen since my line was fainter too. Like I said, chances are that it will not happen to you but I just wanted to make you aware so if you do feel something is not right then maybe you will be insistent on finding out what is wrong like I was.
Congratulations and good luck!


answers from Pocatello on

Doesn't matter if the line is faint or dark...if there is a second line then you are pregnant! Congats! With both my pregnancies I only had a very faint line so I know from experience....when there is a line your pregnant!



answers from Albany on

Congrats!! Any second line no matter how faint is a positive. I'm sure if you take it again in a week or so the line will be darker.



answers from Bloomington on

I agree that if there's a second line, then you should be pregnant. I had that issue with my first pregnancy. Even my husband (an OB/GYN resident at the time) had troubles deciding whether the two tests I had taken at home were positive or not. :) He advised me to go to my doctor and get a blood test the next day to check my hormone levels. Two days later, the office called to confirm the pregnancy. With my second pregnancy, I took the home test almost around the same time I had taken it during the first pregnancy. After the 2 minutes of waiting or so, the test was very clear! It probably depends on the tests, but I'd get a blood test from your OB/GYN to just make sure the hormone levels are increasing.



answers from Minneapolis on

When i was pregnant with my son the line was also very faint (could barely tell there was a line there). but i went to the doc and they confirmed i was pregnant, so if you have a faint pink line on 3 i would say they odds are good that you are. Congrats!!


answers from Ocala on

On the box, it will say that it doesn't matter what color the line is
Light faded pink or bright pink , just as long as there is a line you have a really good chance of being pregnant.

Way to go mom. = )



answers from Detroit on

Congrats! Any shade of line is a positive line, esp. if you've gotten three! When I was first pregnant I took so many tests because I was just in disbelief. The lines were all different shades and I'd get nervous about it, but everything was perfectly fine. Enjoy!



answers from Indianapolis on

It's positive, you just still have low levels of HCG so far. Same thing happened to me this pregnancy, I chalked it up to some tests that technically expired a couple months ago and then dollar-store tests. Anyhow, now I'm 2.5 weeks late, I'm definitely pregnant:)
The brand of test matters. Some are more sensitive than others. You can either believe the ones you took and move on, go out and buy an expensive digital test, buy something like First Response which is supposed to be more sensitive, or buy a handful of dollar-store tests and test every day until it's dark.



answers from Grand Rapids on

It sounds like your preggers! Congrats!!!


answers from Chicago on

I would suggest checking out www.peeonastick.com. There are many examples of tests of all different brands, with varying results. It may help you to get a read. But if you've gotten the same response with 3 tests, I would say that's a positive. Congratulations!



answers from Tampa on

CONGRATULATIONS! Its just early that's why its not dark...mine was super light...I took 4...if you take it again in a couple of weeks it will be darker.

Congrats again :)



answers from Johnstown on

If you're only 4 days late, there's probably not that much of the hormone built up in your system yet...I found that w/ both of my pregnancies--the line was very very faint, but was indeed +. I think a congratulations may be in line for you :)

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