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Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

I am the happy mother of two beautiful kids. I had trouble gettting pregnant with my daughter (now 5) and had no trouble with my son (who is now 2.5, we charted, but I resumed my period after I bf my daughter for 22 mos and got pregnant in about 4mos). I badly want a third, and am not having any luck. I weaned him at 15 mos, but only got my period once. I have been under treatment for thyroiditis (but that seems to be under control now) and have even gone through several rounds of fertility treatments (clomid and menopur injections)....

Irregular Cycles

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Ovulation While on Pill

I ovulated on the first day of my new pack of pills. I got the whole pain in lower abdomen, pain in rectum kinda thing and it was really painful this time. I thought BCP were supposed to prevent ovulation. thing is.....we had sex that morning before I ovulated! So pretty sure I could be pregnant. Not a bad thing but I don't want to take more pills if I am am preggers so...what do u think? should I stop taking the pill. Hubby and I are very fertile. Matter of fact we don't even know how we conceived our second son! :) Thanks again.


Confused on Ovulation

My first child was a surprise and looking back now I dont remember the dates...


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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

This is my 1st month using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. I've read the instructions but was wondering what your experiences with it were? I'm on day 15 with a "high" reading BUT that has been the case since day 10. I'm planning on giving it another try next month to see what happens but my only concern is I've used the ovulation tests (sticks) in the past and for those of you who have used them know that both lines need to be as dark or darker than the test strip - that never happened for me. The 2nd line showed up but wasn't the...

Timing & Calendar

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More Fertility Questions

So I have posted quite a few questions about PCOS, Infertility, and such. I am at a complete loss and I know that my Doctor went to school and is trained to advise me in the proper course of care, but I can't help but be frustrated. My DH has twin boys from a previous marriage and was tested during our initial strings of test and he is totally healthy. High count in fact. I on the other hand have PCOS and hypothyroid. I have been trying to conceive for 3 years. For two of those years I was told you aren't getting pregnant because of your...