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Updated on December 05, 2010
A.G. asks from Austin, TX
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I will give the background in a minute, here is the question: I tested for pregnancy with a CVS brand test that said "test 5 days early". I believe I conceived 3 weeks ago, making me 4-5 weeks pregnant. I thought I saw a faint shadow on the test but my dh couldn't see anything. When I came back 2 hours later, there was a very skinny line of blue, skinny but very much there. But the box says not to read it after 20 minutes. When I searched online, all I could find was that a positive could turn negative after 20 minutes, but nothing about a negative turning positive.

So I tested again this morning with the same brand, with the first morning pee, and got another SUPER faint shadow. Like I feel like i'm going blind to see it.

Here is the background: I've been on the mini pill for two months while nursing my son. He is 16 months. My doctor's nurse warned me that the mini wasn't nearly as effective if I was only nursing 2-3 times a day. I've been only nursing twice a day for a month. I didn't switch pills because from what I read online, the nurse was wrong. (i know, dumb right? I thought I was smarter). Anyhow, I started the ortho tri cyclen low pills four days ago. Yesterday I all the sudden just "knew" I was pregnant. I was nauseated in the exact same manner as I was two years ago with my son. Any pressure on my belly made it worse and so did moving around. That was when I tested.

So what do y'all think? I can't get a blood test because my ob's policy is just to wait till 8 weeks and do a sonogram. I am planning on getting a better test later today but do you think I'm pregnant?

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So What Happened?

I saw that someone had mentioned I went there and read about the notorious unreliability of (+) (-) tests so I went and bought another brand. NOT pregnant! I waited another two days and tested again and it was also negative. My new birth control was making me have pregnancy symptoms.

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answers from Chicago on

With my 2nd pregnancy, I had the faint blue shadow. Went to the OB and it was the same thing. I was pregnant, but it was early.

So, get another test (name brand) and retake first thing tomorrow morning. Another tip is that you should pee in a dixie cup instead of trying to pee on the stick.

Good luck!

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answers from San Diego on

I always buy the ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" for that very reason. I would buy a different brand and test again personally.

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answers from Miami on

Hi A. :-)

I'm not certain about these tests, so can't give any accurate answers. You are on the pill, so those hormones may be affecting the test. But what I do trust is intuition.. so if you think you "know" you are pregnant.. and you are timing it as 5 - 6 weeks... you will have to wait a few more weeks no matter what according to your doctor's policy. So:

You can wait another week to test again, fresh morning urine, and/or you can assume you are pregnant and the glory of knowing so early helps you to prepare your body to be as safe a vessel as possible for this new life!

So that means taking proper care of yourself, eating well, resting well, eliminating stress as much as you can.. the brain of your baby is beginning to form now so go into the JOY as much as you can! Moms usually go through a "nesting period" before the baby is born, doing preparations.. but you have this chance now!

Nest your uterus well so that the best possible outcomes are there for your new baby. Knowing this early in the game is such a plus for the best outcome for all!
A. R.N., Energy Medicine Practitioner

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answers from Kansas City on

well i have been told there's no such thing as a false positive, positive is positive. however, my sister in law swore she saw a "faint line" a couple months ago, and was going to retest a week later, and apparently it was negative because we haven't gotten the phone call. just my (limited!) experience...

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answers from Houston on

Blue tests are really unreliable. Get a pink line test and check for sure (Dollar Tree sells $1 tests that are very sensitive, though sometimes the dye is fairly light). With varying hormonal levels from nursing and the different pills, it's very hard to know for sure. When in doubt, get a *quantitative* blood test and ask for the actual HCG numbers. Urine tests at the doctor's are often not as sensitive as home tests.



answers from Dallas on

go get the digital test and do it first thing tomorrow morning...



answers from Minneapolis on

With both of my pregnancies I got the faint 2nd pink line. No one believed it was a positive test. Go buy a digital test. Pregnant or Not pregnant is way easier to read then a faint pink line. But I would say your pregnant. I even took a line test far into my pregnancy for kicks and it was still faded.



answers from Dallas on

I really hate the blue line tests, too. There always seems to be a faint line, even before I took the test!! Get a Dollar Tree test. Seriously, they are way more sensitive. I have had an experience of no line, then a line after some time. There's a reason you can't read them after that long. I also think the new birth control can be throwing you off. In the past when I started new BC, I always had pregnancy type symptoms. It freaked me out every time!! I think your best bet...and I know this is to get some more tests and wait about a week.



answers from Raleigh on

Is this a blue dye test or red dye? My experience with blue dye is that you sometimes see a faint shadow where the positive strip is supposed to be. Try a First Response Early test. It's red dye and less likely to make your eyes play tricks on you.



answers from St. Louis on

If there is a faint line it is because you have the pregnancy hormone and there is not other way you can have that hormone unless you are pregnant. Blood tests are always the most accurate. I say if you really cant wait a few more days and try the urine test again just do the blood test. Good Luck!


answers from Dallas on

I hate blue line tests. I've had the best of luck with dollar store tests. My past 4 pregnancies were confirmed with a dollar tree test.



answers from Atlanta on

blue dye tests are notorious for having evaporation lines. Go buy a pink dye test or even splurge on a digital.



answers from Houston on

I believe the directions also say that it doesn't matter how faint the line it, only that the line is there. With my pregnancy test (Walgreens brand) the line was faint, I am 5 1/2 months along now. So it's quite possible you are pregnant. I would call your OB's office and explain the situation and ask if they can do a pregnancy test for you, most will. If they won't I guess you will need to wait and see, but it wouldn't hurt to try different tests and see what result you get.


answers from St. Louis on

I think its still too early to test. The new birth control could be giving you side effects, sometimes I felt sick with mine. I would also feel sick before my period. I would wait another week and test again. My doctor doesnt even want to see me before 6 weeks pregnant.


answers from Houston on

Well, you could be. I have heard of a case kind of similar. My mom worked in a pregnancy center years ago. Someone came in and took a test and the results were negative after the allotted time. Later when they were cleaning up(like 30 minutes or so) the test read positive. They called the client, she came back a week later and did test positive right away and had a baby! So the fact you saw a blue line after the time is very suspicious!! I had a couple times I thought I saw a faint line, but after the fact when I checked there was never anything more than that faint shadow, which just turned out to be an evaporation line. I think you should wait a week and test again, if you have the same experience, I think you are not pregs. But if you still doubt, you can call your regular dr I think and get a blood test. My general practitioner will do it, my OB won't. But I don't know where that nurse got her info on the mini-pill. I used it just fine after nursing. It is a similar hormonal cocktail as depo-provera, implanon etc. It is not just used for nursing that seems strange to me. But anyway it goes, I hope you get the result you are wanting!!! Hang in there in the waiting, I always hate that part!


answers from Rochester on

I would wait and use another store test. My husband did NOT believe the first line on my early test this past spring (I think it was a test 5 or 6 days early test and it was at least 5 days early and my cycles were irregular). The line was VERY faint and I could only see it in natural light at a certain angle, not under a regular light. Two days later I showed him a definitive positive on one of the same tests. If the test is so hard to see, it is because the hormone levels are still so low, and many women do not produce enough early to detect. You probably wouldn't have a blood test done before you could just take another test, so again take another home one. :)



answers from Chicago on

You can go to your general practitioner or family doctor and request a test. They will see you as soon as you'd like.

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