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Updated on November 08, 2010
M.A. asks from Royse City, TX
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My husband and I are trying to concieve. I should have gotten my period on March 16th, but I still have not, that makes me 12 days late. I have taken several pregnancy tests of varying brands and from different boxes and all are negative. The little information booklet in all of the tests says that they are basically 100% effective after you have missed a period, especially when 12 days late. So, I am wondering if anyone has ever been pregnant and gotten negative results anyway? I don't want to go to the doctor until I am sure that I am pregnant because we don't have health insurance and have to pay cash, so we are trying to avoid any unneccessary doctor appointments since we will be paying out of pocket for prenatal care and delivery. So, I know that I could go to the doctor, that is not what I am asking. I would really like to know if anyone has actually gotten negative test results when this late but was actually pregnant? I know all of the possible reasons for being late, like m'edications (I don't take any) and stress (honestly I don't have much stress other than my energetic toddler and workaholic husband), and there really is no other reason for being late that fits me? Thoughts?

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answers from Phoenix on

The 99.9% accuracy claim applies to positives. There's either a detectable amount of the pregnancy hormone in your urine or there isn't. So if the test is positive, you ARE pregnant...no question.

Negatives, however, can be false. Different women produce different amounts of the hormone at different times of the pregnancy. My SIL was never able to tell from a home test if she was pregnant. They were always negative (2+ weeks past her missed period), even when she later confirmed the pregnancy with her doctor. For me, they worked just fine the minute I was due.

So again, there are no false positives, but there can be false negatives. Go forward with the knowledge that you could indeed be pregnant and take care of yourself accordingly. OB's don't usually schedule the first pregnancy appt until 10 weeks (counting from the first day of your last period), so I would just wait until then to pay for the visit.


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answers from Dallas on

I had a negative test at 7 days late and now that negative test is crawling around - healthy little 9 month old! I actually was expecting a period March 11 and took at test that day (neg) and 3 days late (neg) then one 5 days late that was a faint pos. the last one was positive.
Money saver tip!: Order tests online at Another Blessing.com they are .85 and free shipping!
Good Luck!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I completely understand wanting to know RIGHT NOW. That's how I was a couple of weeks ago and I was only a couple days late. We were actively trying to concieve, and very happy to finally get a positive.
A midwife is a really good idea, especially since you might be better off just finding out with a blood test rather than a urine test. There are a small percentage of women who produce a slightly different HCG in their urine that is not detected by the standard urine tests. It isn't common, but that is one reason why some women will get a false negative. And you might be ovulating at a later time since the birth of your toddler. I did :) Best of luck!



answers from Dallas on

I'm 7 months pregnant right now and my test were negative after my missed period. Or what I thought was when I missed my period. A few days after i thought my period was late i took a couple tests - negative. A week later and still no period - negative. Then during that week my breasts started getting really heavy and full feeling, I figured my period was finally about to start - Nope! I WAS in fact pregnant. Based on the sono I got at what I thought would put me at 8 weeks or so, we found out I was really more like 6 or 7 week - so my number were off (though my cycle, I thought, was regular and I was keeping track) or I ovulated late that cycle. Who knows? In any case, I did get two weeks worth of negative tests when I thought I was up to two weeks late for my period - though clearly based on the sono I wasn't as late as I had thought.



answers from Los Angeles on

I believe what COULD be happening is that sometimes, you conceive, but implantation is delayed (for whatever reason). You're body doesn't produce HCG until implantation occurs, but won't have a period either.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

The stress in trying to get pregnant is enough to cause you to be delayed and miss a period. Women get so focused on this that their brains turn a switch to mimic a pregnancy. This is very common. I had it happen back in September.

I agree to go to your local planned parenthood and get a blood test. If you are not pregnant, you may need to get progesterone suppositories to use for a week to jump start your cycle.

Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I know you are dying to know but, what would you do different? eat unhealthy and stop taking prenatal vitamins? Whether pregnant or not the best thing to do is to have your body ready starting 3 months at least before you do conceive. It is the best "insurance" policy. So, eat right, drink right, excercise and take your prenatals now so you won't have to worry.



answers from Chicago on

I know from experience that my body will play tricks on me. When we were trying to have a baby, I would often be late for no reason. I think I just wanted to be pregnant so badly, and this caused me to be late. I would wait and see what happens. Most doctors wait until 10 or 12 weeks for your first visit anyway. Try not to think about and see if you miss your period next month.



answers from Savannah on

False negatives happen...but it seems odd for all of them to be negative and your period is so late. Maybe go to the free clinic to get a blood test. I know you'll still have to pay but not as much as going to a practice. Good luck.


answers from Orlando on

I would wait another 2 weeks ( just relax and try to stop thinking about being pregnant ) and if your period has not come by then,
I would take another test ( do it first thing in the morning ) and follow all of the directions carefully and then if you still have a negative, then it would be time to go and see an OBGYN.

I wish you all the best.

God bless.



answers from Flagstaff on

hi i have had irregular periods for years now and my period is constantly 24 -50 days late it took me a year to get pregnant with my first and i miscarried and imediatly got pregnant with my son one i had him my periods were normal for a few weeks and then my hormones seem to be out of wack im trying to concive my second child but am going on day 44 with my cycle and have taken many pregnancy test the only thing that i can tell you since i dont take any medications is that your hormones after haveing a child change so dirasticly that sometimes when you go to get pregnant again if some time can be complicated so if your hormones are not giveing the portions that they need then if is possiable that you are not pregnant from a history for my self if your period has not started by day 56 or so of your cycle i would suggest making a appointment and if your not pregnant they will give you a hormone called prometium or (progestrone) that will make your period start so that you can continue trying i dont want to be a barrer of bad news but coming from someone who has to try and try to get pregnant and is crushed everytime i receive a false pregancy most of the time if you have taken so many test then your not pregnant just hormonialy out of wack i hope that i was a little helpful and that you can use some of this information to your benifit.



answers from Dallas on

You could go to a midwife, The Birthing Center on Swiss Avenue has a great staff and they can take care of all of your needs there at a much lower price.

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