Have Any of You Had Faint Positive Pregnancy Test with a Healthy Pregnancy?

Updated on July 26, 2018
T.K. asks from Broomfield, CO
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Hi ladies,

My cycles are normally 24 days apart. My last period was July 16th and I ovulated on July 25th (I am charting my temps). I was supposed to start my period this past Monday the 9th and I didn't. I have been having bad headaches (I never get headaches), a lower backache, mood swings and bloating. I tested on Monday and it was a faint poitive. It was definitely positive, as I didn't have to squint or look at it in perfect light to see there was a second line, it was just light. I then tested yesterday morning as well with the same brand test (FRER) as well as another brand. Both were positive as well, but again faint. My basal temp is not great either. It hasn't dropped below cover line, but I just have this feeling that if the pregancy is successful that my temps should be higher and the tests should be darker by this point. I was 16 days past ovulation as of yesterday. I am going to test again tomorrow morning and I hope to get a darker line. I will also try to go in and have my HCG levels checked because I know that is the only way to see if a pregnancy is progressing normally. With both of my boys I tested the day before and the day of my missed period and had very dark, obvious positives. I am just wondering why it is still so light. I am hoping that it isn't a chemical pregnancy. I was just wondering if any of you have had faint positive and then gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I just need a little bit of hope I guess! Thanks ladies!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! I was hopeful, but unfortunately my instincts were right on this one and it was a chemical pregnancy. My first faint positive pregnancy test was on Monday and it ended in a very early miscarriage 5 days later. :( I had my HCG levels checked 3 days after my positive and they were only at 36 and my progesterone was only at 1...very low! The doctors said it probably wasn't going to be a viable pregnancy and 2 days later I started bleeding. I am doing okay with it. I am just ready to move on and try again! Thank you all again for responding! You all made me feel much better even though I knew in my gut that something was wrong!

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answers from Boise on

Yup! He's 4 now and crazy and wonderful. I know that some women don't get positive "pee sticks" until they're three months along! Who knows why.

I, on the other hand, had a very strong positive with my first, and just a faint one with my second.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Two of my three kids were very faint pregnancy tests. I didn't have a single issue with either pregnancy. Good luck!!



answers from Denver on

With my daughter you could barely see the line, I want to the store and bought a didgital test to confirm. Both my pregnancy and daughter were perfectly healthy and normal. :)

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answers from Buffalo on

Try not to stress of the darkness of the line, these tests are designed to see the HCG not predict the Viability of the pregancy. That would put our OBG's out of work. Deep breath my dear look at the test for what it is, YOU ARE PREGNANT, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

See your doctor and let him assess what is going on, if anything.

Relax and enjoy it.

Congrats again.

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answers from Denver on

Seven weeks ago I gave birth to my 3rd child, and the positive line on that pregnancy test was very faint, so much so that I texted a pic of it to my sister to get her opinion. It was a normal and healthy pregnancy. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

All but 1 of my four kids came back with a very faint line on the pregnancy tests. I have never checked my temp so I have no reference to that but I think you are fine. I went to full term with perfectly healthy babies and quick easy deliveries. Just get to your intake with the doc and they will be able to tell you if all is ok. I am sure everything is just fine though.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Columbus on

My son (my 1st pregnancy) was super faint and took the 5 mins to turn the faint positive. My daughter (2nd pregnancy) and my 3rd and current pregnancy turned dark before I could even put the stick down. So, yes I had healthy pregnancies - I wouldn't worry about.

Good luck and Congratulations!!



answers from San Diego on

ON my second pregnancy,I had a very very faint line!!So much so that I showed my mom to see if she could see it (I thought maybe I was seeing things!!)and she too could see it!!I then went on to buy about 200 tests (Yes,I'm exaggerating!!haha..thats how many my husband said it seemed I bought!!)I went on to planned parenthood cause I wanted them to be the official word and sure enough they too saw a faint line and confirmed I was pregnant!!I then went on to have a very good pregnancy with a healthy little boy...who's now 5 (But acts like he's 15~~haha)Best of luck girl!!!



answers from Cleveland on

I had a faint positive with my first and I was already 7 weeks along when I took that test and everything was fine, he is a healthy 2 year old now. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second now and when I tested a day before my period was supposed to come I got a very quick dark positive line. I wouldn't worry at all, CONGRATS!!!



answers from New York on

My question is can you be 12 weeks and up with a faint test and still deliver a healthy baby. Digital say pregnant.


My question is can you be 12 weeks and up with a faint test and still deliver a healthy baby. Digital say pregnant.


My question is can you be 12 weeks and up with a faint test and still deliver a healthy baby. Digital say pregnant.



answers from McAllen on

Yes!, Congrats!!! I did with my first one, dont worry so much!! you will be ok!!


answers from Phoenix on

Both of my girls were a faint positive...now 8 & 4 years old. They're both very healthy.

Try not to worry too much. I hope for a happy and healthy 40 weeks and beyond! :)



answers from Cincinnati on

Yep, at least so far! I am currently 34 weeks into a pregnancy that was very faint. I took 3 pregnancy tests 6 days after I missed my period, and each one was so faint that I wasn't sure what was going on, so I had to go into the doctor to get a test officially done. But so far, everything has looked great and the baby appears to be very healthy! Dunno why it was so faint at the beginning.



answers from Great Falls on

Yes, very, very, very, very faint. I had to squint and then decided that it's probable negative. It turned out te be positive, I'm 35 weeks now and everything is going well. Maybe you're just having a girl this time :) Good luck and don't stress!



answers from Denver on

You're pregnant and fine! I distinctly remember the second line being significantly fainter on both tests on my second son. He just turned two and is happy and healthy! Congrats!



answers from Little Rock on

My last pregnancy only showed a light very faint line even 2 months into the pregnancy. I now have a beautiful 2 year and 8 month old daughter. Don't panic. HCG levels are just low with some pregnancies. If your worried, go to your obgyn office and ask for a pregnancy test. You don't have to have an appointment in my obgyn office to take a pregnancy test.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The line on the pg test with my son was very faint. I was fine. He is fine. I kept it (as a souvenir!) and the line has darkened over time.



answers from Austin on

I have had that happen. His name is Nic. He is 3.
Good luck and call your doctor!



answers from Washington DC on

You should meet my 3 year old :o). He is anything but faint - but even my doctor could barely see the line on the test. It was just SO early on. Congratulations mama!


answers from Minneapolis on

With this pregnancy, the first test I took showed up positive right away... It was a definite positive. Then I took another one a couple days later but it was a faint positive. However, I am now 29 weeks along and my little boy is kickin' the hell outta my insides as I type :)

Congratulations :)



answers from Miami on

Don't stress too much about it. I have a 28 day cycle and ovulated on day 20 with both pregancies. This pregnancy that I am in now (30 weeks) i had faint positives and I took them when I was supposed to get my period. But when I went to the doctor I was only about 3 weeks pregnant because I ovulated late. It's too early to worry about this right now, like I said don't over stress yourself you will be fine. Make your appt with your doctor and Congratulations!



answers from Billings on

YEP very faint line and gave birth to a healthy girl! She was even a week late lol!



answers from Fort Collins on

I will wait until tis sunday the 15th and test in the morning and don't drink like at least six hours before end and it should definately be positif by then....I know how hard it to wait though but then you'll have a sure result.I am 20 weeks pregnant now and for this one it took about two weeks after period to got a strong positif.This is baby number four and last .With my other ones i was like you i tested a few days before my period was even due.However ,not to freak you out, but i did have a miscarriage at 9 weeks and the pregnancy test line stay the same very very fainted and i had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever with the miscarriage .The only way to know almost for certain that a pregnancy is most likely to be viable is to do a Quantitatif Hcg blood test two to four days from each other.I will choose four days so i will hav a more certain result .If the number did double i think everyday or so, the pregnancy should go well....at least no miscarriage.Good luck.



answers from Boise on

The same thing happened to me, and I had a healthy pregnancy and baby!



answers from Cheyenne on

I had a line so faint I could barely see it, had to look right next to the window and then wasn't even sure I was seeing the line. And my pregancy was healthy, no problems and we have a healthy 2 and a half year old. I don't think the brightness of the line means much about the health of your pregnancy. Congratulations!



answers from Fort Collins on

I didn't have any positives with at-home tests but had a very faint line at the doctor's office. I had a wonderful pregnancy and have an extremely healthy nine-and-a-half-month-old son. Even the nurse at the doctor's office had dismissed the test as negative until she was about to throw it away at the end of my appointment and looked at it again -- sure enough, there was the faintest of lines. (What an emotional doctor's visit!)



answers from San Francisco on

Yes, I've had a faint positive pregnancy test before and now I have 3 beautiful children!



answers from Colorado Springs on

If you are positive of your ovulation date than I wouldn't get my hopes up. Sorry to be harsh but at 15dpo you should have more than 25-50hcg. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies before and the line was faint and just didn't get any darker. I OBSESSED over testing and it was very disheartening.
I hope I am wrong and you get a darker line tomorrow!!!!!



answers from Dallas on

After fertility treatment- Day 28 negative, day 30 faint positive. A faint positive is positive. I told myself there is no inbetween. You either are or your not. Day 32 bought a digital pregnancy test. It says either pregnant or not pregnant. Mine said "pregnant". I had a healthy pregnancy at 40 and a healthy baby.



answers from Boston on

Absolutely. I could barely see the line. And now my daughter's 5.5. Good luck.

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