Positive Pregnancy Test with IUD?

Updated on August 17, 2012
M.3. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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Anyone ever have a Positive pregnancy test while they had an IUD? What happened? What should I expect? I have to go get bloodwork, then possibly an ultrasound. The nurse at my ob sounded shocked. Thanks so much.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much. Blood work came back positive!! #'s are low so I need to get another blod test Monday and go from there. Thanks again for all your thoughts on this. :)

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answers from Chicago on

My neighbor got pregnant on the Mirena IUD a few years ago. It didn't end good...she had a miscarriage around 5 months and had to deliver the baby. But my brother-in-laws, who are twins, were conceived with the copper IUD in place. My MIL didn't find out until she was 4 months pregnant, she just thought she had the flu!!!

Good luck and I hope everything is OK!!

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answers from Seattle on

One of our friends was conceived with a copper IUD some 30 years ago...
I am on Mirena and had a lengthy discussion about it with my midwife before I had it placed. She was very clear: most pregnancies conceived with a Mirena in place will end in a miscarriage, either when it is removed (which is recommended) or later on if it is left in place.
Also if you get pregnant with an IUD there is a good chance that it is a tubal pregnancy, which must be treated either with medication (if detected early enough) or surgically.
I would get an ultrasound ASAP to confirm that the embryo is in your uterus, not your tubes. If you wish to continue the pregnancy you will need to discuss with your doctor what to do with the IUD, it may depend on what kind you have (Mirena or copper IUD).
Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on


I have a friend who got pregnant with her IUD in and had TWINS! I would insist on an ultrasound, blood work and make sure that the embryo isn't in your tubes. Best wishes with your decision.



answers from Minneapolis on

One of my mom's best friends had her 4th surprise baby with an IUD... granted this was 30 years ago...



answers from Chicago on

super possible... my mother got prego with us "five kids" 3 on birth control 2 on iud and a set of twins that were still born... all on contraceptives... i do have an iud and have been lucky but my sister got preggo on the birth control patch and the shot... some people it can just happen... sometimes the iud slips thats why its important to go every 6 months to make sure its still securely in place... i know of three people who's iud actually just fell out atleast a year after having them... so everyones different buttttttttt you can not get a false possitive UNLESS you clean up after rodents without gloves... rats mice "some breeds of rabbits" they have hcg hormone in they're urin and feces and if you clean up after them enough your skin can soak up the hormone. it's uncommon but it isssssss possible... good luck and i hope things work out for you the way you'd like to see them work out



answers from Detroit on

Oh my! By OB's nurse said there is no such thing as a false positive.

Good luck Babe!



answers from Denver on

My friend has an IUD and she recently had a positive pregnancy test. She went to the docs and I cannot remember if she had an US or a blood test, but she was not pregnant at the time of the office visit. They guess she may have had a really early miscarriage to have the pregnancy test be positive. At any rate she made them take out that IUD and put in a new one.

I also have a family friend that got pregnant with an IUD and the pregnancy was very normal and the little girl is now 3.

Good luck to you!


answers from Lakeland on

My youngest sister (now 28) was conceived with an IUD. My mother was shocked but nothing is 100%.

I would get a blood test to be sure and go from there.

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