Am I Wasting My Time Takin a Home Pregnancy Test????

Updated on August 22, 2010
M.V. asks from Paterson, NJ
11 answers

hi everyone....

i'm on my first cycle of artificial insemination with clomid 50mg and hcg shots....
i'm very excited and can't wait to take my blood pregnancy test on 8/27!!!!

i was wondering if it's possible to get a false neg or positive on a home preg test because of the extra hormones...
i was planning on testing on 8/24....thanx in advance!

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So What Happened?

well, it turns out i'm expecting again!! i'm cautiously overjoyed....=)
the nurse called w/ the good news yesterday n i have my 1st ultrasound on 9/13!
thanx all <3

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answers from Chicago on

With the treatments and drugs you've taken, it's very possible to get a false positive. Clomid does not affect it, but the hcg will. It even tells you this on the directions for a home pregnancy test. I wouldn't take one.

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answers from Boise on

The hcg shot can give a false positive. I know that it is hard to wait, but the doc should be able to tell you when the hcg shot is out of your system and the test would only show your body's hcg - probably 8/27 :) If you just can't wait, go to the dollar store so that you aren't wasting money, and don' t get your hopes up either way.

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answers from Chicago on

Because you took the HCG shots, yes you can get a false pregnancy--even with a doctor urine test. I had this happen about 5 days after I took the shot. That is why the best thing to do is wait--even though you are very excited . Good luck.

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answers from Seattle on

If you are getting HCG shots they will produce a false positive on a home test, which only measures if HCG is present or not.
The blood test will determine HCG levels, which is needed in your case, because you got the shots.

Good luck!

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answers from Rochester on

Yes, you can get a false pos. I was on clomid and HCG ingections for three rounds and couldn't wait either. After the first round I actually took a test early that a nurse I work with gave me and it came out positive. Unfortunately, we weren't pregnant. There is something in the hormones that can cause the false positive. You can google it and find out more info. My suggestion, as hard as it is to do, is to wait until your blood test. Good luck!


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answers from Spartanburg on

I think Kim O. has a great suggestion. Everything I've read says that women metabolize the drugs differently so the time frame for having it all out of your system will vary greatly. The only way to know how YOU react to the clomid is to start charting.

I would really recommend for everything TTC related, test sensitivities and accuracy, and websites on where to buy cheap tests.

Good luck!! I hope you really are pregnant!

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answers from New York on

I know you are excited but I have 3 friends who have done the same thing as you...don't test, you can get a false positive. They tell you to wait for that specific reason...Good Luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Just wait for the blood test. It's more accurate and will give you the most accurate results. A home pregnancy test might give you a false answer with the treatment you are undergoing and in your case is a waste of money. I hope it all works perfectly and that you end up pregnant. It's a very exciting time! Good luck!

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answers from Buffalo on

you've already gotten great answers... just wanted to throw in a GOOD LUCK :)

Everyone has given good advice - with HCG you can get false positives. Clomid won't affect the tests but the HCG will! I second the advice to check out - its a great resource on tests and their sensetivities and the timing for testing.

I know the rollercoaster of emotions that go with infertility and how difficult the waiting game can be! We tried to conceieve for 3 years, did i think 6 inseminations and one IVF which finally worked! I did 3 home tests before my blood test and they were all positive but i spent the whole weekend before my bloodtest wondering if they were just false!! So i couldn't enjoy the positives as much as i thought i would!

So good luck and sending *baby dust* your way ;)

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answers from Atlanta on

yes, you can get a false positive with the trigger. I've had friends do IVF that were also anxious to know, and what they did was buy a bunch of dollar store home pregnancy tests (or go online and get cheapies) and start taking 1 a day after implantation, and when the hcg trigger shot is out of your system, you'll get a negative - any positives after that negative are true you're pregnant positives.

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answers from Milwaukee on

M., it depends on the person. I had tried every home prego test out there when I knew for a fact that I was pregnant with my daughter. I took close to 120 tests (believe me my hubby just kept shaking his head every time I brought home a new kit to try) and still they all said that I was negative. But I knew I was because my breasts hurt so badly and they never did that before even on my monthly. I ended up going in to see my doctor and get a blood test. I had talked to my doctor that the pee strips didnt work but the blood work did, and wanted to know why. My doctor explained to me that there are some women out there that the tests wont work some times. I would rather wait for the blood work then spend all that money on kits again. :)

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