How Early to Take Pregnancy Test?

Updated on August 08, 2010
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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My period is due in 4 days, but I am having some pregnancy symptoms....boobs are sore, nipples are tingling like my milk is letting down, fatigue, starving all the time, and some nausea. I'm so tempted to take a test early, but will it work? I'll update when I know either way!

EDITED: My period is now due in 3 days. Took a test this morning, negative. I'll keep ya posted, thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Well, I just got my period...3 days early! Better luck next month....thanks ladies!!

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answers from Johnson City on

With my 2nd pregnancy I tested before my period was due and it was positive. And, like PP, I used the cheap ones. I actually bought one for a buck at the Dollar Tree more on a whim thinking the same thing, it's too early to tell. LOL, it wasn't too early to tell!



answers from Dallas on

Anytime I had a posotive pregnancy test, the test was taken a week before my expected period and showed a clear posotive. If you're only 4 days away, take the test, if you're pregnant it should show posotive. Don't spend a lot of money on the tests, I always purchased the 2 pack Walmart tests for under $7 and they work great.

Good luck!!



answers from New York on

the test may work, i got a positive test 4 days before, but i was sure of when i ovulated due to OPK tests, and used first morning urine. just get one that says the earliest days, and if its no, just wait till your period is due. i like doing it from a cup instead of midstream so you can count precisely.

all that aside, at this point, maybe a fertilized egg would have been attached only 2-4 days max. although sore breasts are one of the first signs of pregnancy, the other things you listed usually wouldnt start quite this soon.


answers from Chicago on

I've gotten positive results with both kids at 10DPO. So if you know when you ovulated, you can tell if it's too early. I never waited until a missed period.



answers from Denver on

I was surprised to see all these women getting positives before their periods were due. With both my pregnancies, I never saw a positive until after my period was due.



answers from Denver on

With the last 4 of my pregnancies, I took a test several days before I missed a period and it came back positive. I even use the cheapo tests at the dollar store and they work (that way I buy several of them to test over a week or so).

I say take it, you can always take it again.

Good luck!



answers from Buffalo on

First Response early pregnancy test has predicted all 3 of my kids 5 days b4 my period was due. they advertise it.

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