Faint Positive on EPT Test

Updated on February 19, 2013
K.H. asks from Odessa, NY
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My husband and I have been try for another baby since January. Had my period on New Years Eve, then I believe I got it again the first weekend in February. My husband says I have been really hormonal, and I have also been nauseated, a little dizzy, and really tired. (Though, the almost 2 year old could have something to do with being tired). I took a digital Clear Blue test on Saturday, it was negative. Took an EPT a couple days later, and I thought it was negative. This was around 9 am. Hubby cones over to me in the late afternoon after having looked at the discarded test on the counter, and told me it was positive. There is a VERY faint, very thin blue line to look positive. I could almost not see it last night. This morning, it did look more obvious. After we thought we saw a positive, I took 2 more of those same tests, only in the afternoon, and both were neg. I went for a blood test this morning, and brought the thought to be positive test with me, and the tech said it looked positive to her. I am reading a lot of 'a line is a line', but also a lot of 'it could be an evap line'. What to believe?

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Nothing yet. But I wanted to add that I really don't know when the faint line appeared. When I took the test, I was focusing on the big horizontal line and then I walked away. I waited about 2 minutes then left the room thinking it was negative. My husband saw the faint plus sign hours later. So I guess I don't know if it was there right away, cause I wasn't 'looking' for it...I thought that if it was positive it would be big and bold, not faint and skinny. (I am not that alert in the morning, lol)

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answers from Des Moines on

If you want to know every possibility....www.peeonastick.com is a wealth of information.

What I remember is the blue tests are not all that good, and lines that show up after the allotted time are not positive. Sorry....

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answers from San Diego on

I have had this happen and they were negative. There is a reason that they tell you not to read results after a certain amount of time. That is NOT to say that you are not in the very early stages of pregnancy though. Good thing you took a blood test, that has the most accuracy. I'm wishing you baby dust!!! Let us know.

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answers from Miami on

Hope you're taking pregnancy vitamins. If you aren't, start now. You need folic acid to prevent neural tube defects and some forms of cleft palates.

Next week, take another test with first morning's urine. Then you'll feel better about it.

Congrats if the line is positive the first 10 minutes!

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answers from Columbia on

What did your blood test say?

Test are not to be read after 10 minutes. I would NOT trust the reliability of a test that was not read within the timeframe of the directions.

Also - If you had your period the first weekend in February.... it's likely that you are NOT pregnant enough yet to show positive. If you have an *average* cycle you would have ovulated this past weekend, meaning you probably wouldn't have even implanted yet - which is what causes the release of hormones.

I would wait until the results of the blood test come back.

OR - go get a FRER (First Response Early Response) test and take again TOMORROW MORNING with first morning urine.

If you get a + within the 3 minute timeframe (or whatever the directions say) you are likely producing the HCG hormone.

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm sorry, but it was negative. You are not supposed to go by the results after the allotted time because they can and often do change, especially from negative to positive. I'm sure what you saw was the evaporation line.

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answers from Dallas on

Wait for the results of the blood test from the dr.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I'd be cautiously optimistic. You're only on day eighteen or so of your cycle. I'd wait for the blood test or wait another week and re-do the home test w/ first morning urine.

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answers from Dallas on

It's not reliable after 10 minutes, so it doesn't matter what the test says now. Wait for the blood test to be sure.


answers from Phoenix on

Believe the doctor. Congrats, sounds like its positive. =)



answers from Kalamazoo on

After 10 minutes, the results are not reliable. If 3 tests were negative, tou are probably not pregnant.


answers from Chicago on

Believe the blood test. When do you get the results?

My friend knew she was preggo and kept getting negative hpt's. she finally went to the dr. and had a blood test. it was positive.



answers from Tampa on

Your blood test that you took today will give you the answer. If its positive and you continue to test and see very faint lines, ask the Dr to check your HCG levels (then check again a couple days later to be sure they double). Sometimes its just so early in the pregnancy for the faint line to be any darker (very early in pregnancy and not enough HCG in your system). Sometimes the faint line is indicative that you are not producing enough HCG which is often not a good sign. I've known folks who monitored their HCG levels and were found to need progesterone treatments. With treamtment they had a healthy pregnancy outcome. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

The blood test will tell you for sure. To me, this sounds like an evaporation line...home tests aren't reliable after ten minutes. An evaporation line will get darker as time goes on. Fingers crossed you get the results you are hoping for, but I would be very cautious about getting too excited.


answers from Boston on

I'd wait for the blood test. The results on the EPT test are no good after about 5-10 minutes after the initial result test. A blood test will determine if you are truly pregnant.

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