Confusing Pregnancy Test Results

Updated on April 24, 2010
D.F. asks from Raleigh, NC
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I took two different brands of pregnancy tests yesterday at 9dpo. Both were faintly positive. I was hoping the positive lines would be a little darker this morning, but they were actually a little lighter. The lighter lines caused me to assume that the pregnancy was not going to make it.

Today at 10:00, five hours after the morning test, I took both brands of tests again and saw darker lines than the original lines from last night. Of course, they were also darker than the ones from this morning as well. So now I wonder if I will stay pregnant.

Why would my tests (two different brands) be lighter in the morning after being darker the day before? I do not use the bathroom in the night. Everything I read indicates that the first urine of the day is the most concentrated. Based on my results, that is not the case.

I have been pregnant twice before and have not experienced this in the past.

I have been trying to get pregnant for the past eight months, and I frequently get an extremely faint positive on day 9 after ovulation. During these months, I have had the line totally disappear in the morning and then show back up later in the day. I only thought I was really pregnant this time because the line was somewhat darker.

Also, the lines do have color, so they aren't evaporation lines.

I have called my doctor, but my appointment is not until May 7th. When I explained this situation, the nurse did not seem to understand.

Does anyone know what would cause this?

I'm just answering some of your questions:

9dpo means 9 days past ovulation

I have one child. I miscarried the second one at 16.5 weeks. I am very anxious to be pregnant again! :)

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So What Happened?

I am pregnant. All the lines on subsequent pregnancy tests have gotten progressively darker, indicating that the my hormone levels are increasing. In addition, the digital tests also say "pregnant." Thank you all for supporting me through my initial concerns!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well I took my first pregnancy test with my first at 8 weeks along and had a VERY faint line. With my second pregnancy I took one the day I was supposed to get my period and had a very dark line. Don't worry!! No such thing as a false positive by the way..

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answers from College Station on

The reason they could be darker today then yesterday is simple your hcg (?) hormon levels increase the longer your pregnant! Also my tests were really light and faded over night but both were positive and I got to baby girls out of it! If the nurse wasn't concerned then there is no need for you to worry! To be honest you really should just relax bc stress is not good for you or the baby! Also have you missed your period or did you just take a test after ovulation? Take another test in a couple days and remember like earlier stated these test can not tell you if you will miscarry just that you are pregnant or not! If you have any spotting or anything like that you should call your doc!



answers from Denver on

I was told that pregnancy tests and ovulation tests are very similar--that if you have an old ovulation test lying around you can use it for a pregnancy test. This may be why you got a false positive right when you were ovulating before. I see you took your test at 9dpo and I confess I don't know what that means. If your cycle is regular, your period is due or late, I would assume that you are really pregnant this time after all of those positive results. Don't worry about the lines fading or looking lighter or darker. The tests look for a certain hormone and if it you are not pregnant you won't get any lines light or dark (unless maybe you are ovulating I guess). Good luck!



answers from Louisville on

its sooo rare to get a false positive congrats momma!



answers from Savannah on

First off---congratulations!!! Second, the darkness of the line does not indicate anything about the outcome of the pregnancy. Chances are your HCG levels were different or the test was not strong enough as you are very newly pregnant. Don't drive yourself crazy---you're pregnant! :)



answers from Nashville on

When I was trying to get pregnant and using fertility medications they told me not to test before 10 days past ovulation. This is because they use a HCG shot to induce ovulation and it takes 10 days to work out of your system. HCG is very similar to the luteinizing hormone that your body makes naturally to signal the ovary to release the egg. I do not know if the luteinizing hormone stays in your system for 10 days or would show up on a urine pregnancy test but I suppose it is possible. You do not say if you are using any fertility meds so I do not know if that would affect it either. If I was you I would wait a couple of more days and test again. I know it is hard to wait that long. I remember the two week wait between ovulation and testing very well. I do know that home pregnancy tests are not accurate enough to tell if you are miscarrying. I went thru that with a pregnancy that miscarried before I had my daughter. Only blood tests are sensitive enough to tell if the HCG is increasing or decreasing. Home tests only tell if the hormone is above 20. Good luck. I hope you are pregnant and it is a healthy full term baby.


answers from Lexington on

It sounds like congrats may be in order! However, instead of getting more anxious waiting for the MD appt, maybe you could get into a local Planned Parenthood or other local clinic for a quick test. Man, if you're buying all these home tests, that's a lot of money. It would be less expensive to visit a clinic. Just remember, stress and worrying is not good for you during this time. So, consider making an appt for some Massage Therapy to help yourself relax.

Take care! Good luck. Congrats!



answers from Raleigh on

There are no false positives. Congratulations you are pregnant. I got faint lines real early when i was just a couple days late on my period. Take the test again in a week and the lines will be darker.



answers from Atlanta on

The lines on the pregnancy test have no correlation with whether or not you will miscarry!

The pregnancy test is simply a measurement of the pregnancy hormone in your urine. The reason most tests need to be taken on the day you're supposed to get your period or after that is because the hormone will be stronger then. If you are doing the tests that say they're accurate 5 days before your period, then that's why you are probably getting a faint result. I did that. You just don't have as much of the hormone in your system yet. Even though they advertise faster detection, you can look up how accurate and easily they can detect a pregnancy that long before your period. The percentages go WAY up the closer you get to you period date and after that date. Also EVERY woman is different about how much of this hormone is present and when. A rare few ALWAYS have it, and can always get a "positive" test result!



answers from Kansas City on

I would wait a couple more days and test again. I would highly reccommend the Clear Blue Easy Digital Test. It was very easy to read and both times it was accurate.


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

try using the digital one! it is very rare to get a false positive by the way, but pretty common to get a false negative. that's what i did at least, i used a regular one w/ lines and then i compared to the digital, they both were positive.



answers from Indianapolis on

No idea, but it sounds like you are very anxious to become pregnant. Just calm down, it will happen, if you are not already. None of those test will tell you if you are going to miscarry or not........they have no way of knowing.

You say that you have been pregnant twice before, so do you have two kids?
I have heard that even if it is slightly positive, that usually means you are pregnant. I hope your wish comes true.
Take care.....and good luck.



answers from Charlotte on

I had a similar problem with the tests that make lines. I then went to the digital tests. They did not fail. The lightness or darkness of the test makes no matter, as long at the line is there. But I would go with the digital one. Wait a few days and try again. I know the waiting game is really really hard, but it is all you can do. The more you stress, the higher chance you have to misscarry. I learned that the hard way. My husband and I had several misscarriages. Finally I just told myself what will be will be, and stopped making it my life. Our sex life got better, because we were together for our love, and not to make a baby, and after 3 months we finally conceived. And to beat all odds, I was able to finally give my husband a son. He was 36 at the time, and had 2 girls from a previous marriage. But if you keep your body in constant stress, it will only lessen the chance in conceiving. Also, talk to you ob about progesterone (sp). They gave me that once I got pregnant to help my chance of not misscarrying. Good luck and have fun :)



answers from Sacramento on

Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. I had a false positive (yes, this does happen) on a digital one from a name brand when trying for our second child -- the thing said "pregnant," so there was zero doubt I misread it. Well, a week later I started bleeding. Thinking I was having a miscarriage, I went to the ER only to learn I wasn't pregnant and was having my period! When they say 99 percent accurate, well someone is that 1 percent.

It sounds to me like you are pregnant, but I would get the official result from your doctor to be sure. Needless to say, I do NOT trust the home tests.

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