Pets with Children

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Pet Adoption

H.M. asks from San Francisco

We no longer can keep our 6 months old shih tzu due to a new situation in our home. I looking into finding her a new home but want to ensure that she goes to a good ...


Death of a Pet

C.C. asks from Washington DC

How do/ did you help your child with the death of your pet? My 4 y/o is still asking for our cat to come sleep (he started to be her companion once out oldest went to...


Dog for Toddler?

P.C. asks from Portland

I am a single dad, who has his beloved son (almost 2.5 years of age) with him every other weekend, Friday night through Sunday evening. I also see him one weekday ev...


Pet Allergies

R.N. asks from Albuquerque

I have a 7 month old baby boy and this week his nose started running and I am constanly having to clean his nose. So much so that his poor little nose is all red and...


When to Put a Pet Down

C.K. asks from Knoxville

Hi ladies, I have an old cat (18) who is not in the greatest of health. She has a number of health issues which I have taken her to the vet about and we are doing...


Pet Issues

L.M. asks from Washington DC

Okay, I am not one to make enemies or get upset over trivial things but I have a very frustrating situation with my neighbors concerning their pets. Here goes: Abou...


Family Pet Bites Your Child?

S.S. asks from Memphis

I have a wonderful 3 year old, 75 lb boxer! Best dog, however, recently he has "nipped" at my youngest daughter. Background: He has a wonderful temperament and ha...


Dog & Toddler

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas - My parents, who care for DS 2 days a week have a lovely 8 year old 80lb lab mix mutt, who is as sweet as can be, and very very patient. DS, 21 mon...


Toddler & Dog

S.Z. asks from New York

My toddler who is turning two next Friday might be allergic to my mom's dog, a cockapoo. He was been with the dog since he was born and now all of sudden he is always...


How Do You Explain the Death of a Pet to a Toddler?

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I've written before and gotten wonderful answers/advice/help from everyone - thank you all so much. My question today is: how do you explain the death of ...