Pets with Children: BOB

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Help with a Pet That I Don't Want Anymore!

M.G. asks from Tyler

First of all my sister is going to laugh when she reads this! In March my daughter's kindergarten teacher planned on releasing the class pets, 2 aqua turtles, into a ...


First Pet Suggestion for My 3 Sons?!

V.D. asks from Washington DC

I am thinking of getting my sons (ages 5, 4, and 2) their first pet(s). No dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, or fish right now! I'd like to get something like a ha...


What Is Your Mama Opnion on Spong Bob Square Pants

D.D. asks from Denver

My 1st grader loves to watch it, my husband and I are not always sure we like it. Can you give your comments on this cartoon?


Toddler and Dying Dog

G.O. asks from Seattle

One of our two dogs is probably going to be put down in the next few days and I'm not sure how to help my 18month old deal with that. I know she will not understand ...


What Age for a Toddler Bed?

A.C. asks from Washington DC

We have a 15-month-old and while I know she isn't ready for a Toddler bed yet, but since it is upon us in the near future I am curious to know when we should start to...


What's Your Toddler's Favorite Bedtime Book?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Mine doesn't seem to like Goodnight Moon much so I was wondering if you all could tell me your toddler's favorite bedtime book for a 2.5 yr old? One with good picture...


What Does Your 2 Year Old Toddler Watch?

L.M. asks from Pittsburgh

My 2 yr old boy loves Dora and only Dora. I've exposed him to Sesame Street, Yogabagaba, Diego, etc but he shows no interest in any of those. My hubbie thinks we sh...


Toddler Boy with Baby Doll

C.L. asks from Sioux City

My one year old son is very interested in babies, barbies, and baby dolls. I was wondering if it is normal. He has a "glow worm" which he sleeps with. I wonder if I s...


MIL Hates Our Child's Name

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

I'm due with baby #3 in May and my mother-in-law is on a name crusade. We picked the name Rose after the place my husband and I fell in love. My mother-in-law told my...


Strong Willed Child

J.P. asks from Kansas City

Help!!! Can anyone else relate?? I have a 28 month old little boy who I would do anything for but lately he has become quite the handful (yes, I have heard of the t...