Pets with Children: Target

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Perfect Pet?

A.D. asks from Eau Claire

My daughter is 5 years old. I was thinking about getting her/the family a pet but I am not sure what to get. Is there an inexpensive pet that is good for that age and...


Potty Target for Boys to Pee On?

A.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My 6 year old son always seems to end up making a bit of a mess when he pees. He goes standing up. (My 3 year old still sits down and that works fine). I tell him ...


A Pet Rabbit.

J.K. asks from Dallas

I know this question was ask before not to long ago but I cann't seem to find it, I'm sorry. My husband decided to get our daughter a pet rabbit for early Easter, I...


Pet Hair Removal Tips

A.P. asks from Cleveland

Hi there- I need your help! I am looking for tips on lifting pet hair better from my carpet and rugs. I vacuum every other day at the minimum (usually more) and I...


My Dog Has the Itchy's

O.M. asks from San Antonio

Hi, moms ,I have a question concerning my pet dog . I even wonder if I should asks this question on this site ? However here, goes anyway , and let me apologize befor...


Dog for Protection

S.M. asks from Saginaw

I am stuck in a home in an area with frequent crime and I am home alone with our 4 year old at least 4 nights a week. It is not possible for us to move at this time. ...


Pet Sitter Questions

E.C. asks from San Francisco

We're starting to make summer vacation plans and will probably ask some neighbor kids if they'd be willing to check in on our kitty once or twice a day when we're aw...


Neighborhood Dog Issue

T.W. asks from Dallas

Recently, I changed my walk/jog route and time around my neighborhood. I have seen another neighbor who walks at about the same time. However, she walks with her do...


Seeking Advice About a Pet Gerbil for My Nine Year Old

P.D. asks from New York

My nine year old daughter is begging to have a pet gerbil. In addition to questions about how well she'll care for this pet, I have several concerns, including odor,...


Son Knocks over Dog's Waterbowl

S.L. asks from Washington DC

Anyone with suggestions on how to keep my 11 month old son from tipping over the dog's water bowl while still giving access to the dog??? It is driving me crazy - he...