Pets with Children

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Dog and Baby

A.F. asks from New York

I have a crawling one year old and a big dog in an apartment. We do have a tiny "yard" which is mainly a deck shared by my neighbor. My dog usually sleeps in a dog be...


Good Pet for Toddler

C.D. asks from Atlanta

I have a 19mth old little girl and we would like to get her a pet I am not a huge fan of cats and my DH wants a bird I think she is to small for one to actually be ab...


Do You Think a Turtle Is Safe as a Pet

F.F. asks from Houston

I am seeking advice about a turtle as a pet. Today my son recieve a turtle from his grandparents. I really wasn't sure about the turtle as a pet but the only reason I...


Son Wants a Pet

L. asks from Atlanta

My 6 year old son wants a pet. I am not crazy about the idea of adding an animal to the household because I'm sure I will be the primary caregiver. He is such a sweet...


Toddler & Dog

L.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there! My very actice and imaginative 21-month old has taken an interest in our dog. Unfortunately the dog doesn't like the attention. He actually doesn't like at...


Looking for a Good Pet

S.J. asks from Spokane

I have been trying to figure out a good pet for having a 2 year old. I grew up haveing pet I would like my son to have one. However I live in an appartment and no pet...


Should We Adopt a Dog?

M.S. asks from Cleveland

My husband has really been pushing me to adopt a dog lately, and I'm not exactly in agreement with him. He says that we are depriving our children (ages 7 and 4) of ...


Getting a Pet for Everyone (Edit)

L.L. asks from Nashville

My husband and I want to get a pet for our daughter for her 2nd birthday in a few months. We just don't know if we want a dog or a cat. Our Daughter likes both, but l...


Family Dog

J.C. asks from Lake Charles

HI, I am wanting to get my daughter a dog. I want to do one of the pet adoption programs in our area. Question is, What is a good family dog?? I want one that is goo...


Loss of Our Family Pet, Looking for New Dog

E.M. asks from St. Louis

I am waking up this morning with a very heavy heart, and could use some resources and referrals for dog adoption. We have had 2 family dogs and now are left with none...