Pets with Children: Arms Reach

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How Do I Get My Toddler to Sleep Through the Night

Y.B. asks from Seattle

My son wil lbe 21 months in a few weeks and he does not sleep through the night. He still is breastfed and nurses to sleep for his naps and will nurse before he goes...


Child Leashes- Thoughts?

A.L. asks from Chicago

What do you lovely parents think of the child backpack leash? We are going to Disney in a couple months and I never would have dreamed of needing one with my older...


Can You Unspoil a Spoiled Child?

F.S. asks from Rochester

My daughter is 20 months old and to put it bluntly, she is spoiled! If she doesn't get her way, she will throw a tantrum. Whatever the situation may be. Whether it's ...


Child Harness

B.D. asks from Augusta

I went and bought a child harness for my two year old son, I brought it home and showed my dad how it worked and he went crazy, he walked out of the room because he w...


Baby Reins- Useful or Horrible?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'm thinking about getting those baby reins/harness for my toddler who loves to zoom around now, off steps and into the street. I always thought they looked terrible,...


Things Mom's Want to Know When Expecting First Child.

S.J. asks from Los Angeles

I'm preparing a newborn class for new parents. I would like to know what are topics of concern for mothers expecting their first baby, or things you wished you knew w...


How Do I Prepare My Toddler for His Dad's Deployment?

A.M. asks from Seattle

I'm guessing I'm not the only military mama in this area. My husband is preparing to deploy and this is the first time my son will experience a deployment. I was wond...


Seeking Others Ideas/solutions for Child Throwing Up

B.V. asks from Kansas City

Hi moms, I feel like I need some advice or sympathy or ideas from other moms. I however DO NOT want negative responses please! I feel bad enough as it is and that ...


Stranger Danger

V.J. asks from Phoenix

I was at Arrowhead Mall today and had a very unsettling experience. I had my 2 yr old in a single stroller. My 3 yr old basically refuses to hold my hand or onto the ...


How to Teach an 8 Month Old "Gentle Hands"???

J.P. asks from Phoenix 8 month old daughter has discovered that it's delightful fun (for her) to rake her nails across our faces and laugh when we're up close and ouch does it ...