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Chicco Travel system...worth the Money?

H.M. asks from Detroit

Hey there! My husband and I are having our third baby.Yay!! :) We were looking at travel systems in the store and really liked the Chicco travel system. I noticed it...


Infant Carseats: Need Help to Pick One Out

M.S. asks from Portland

I want to thank all of you for your help with my other posts, I really appreciate it. You have all been so much help, I thought I would pick your brains again... I...


Toddler Harness, What's the Big Deal?

A.M. asks from Portland

I'm going to get a toddler harness for my son today. I've mentioned it to others and have gotten some funny looks. What's the big deal? My son is 17 mo old, so far w...


Toddler Interested in Using Keyboard and mouse-What to Do?

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hello Moms-My toddler is so excited every time the computer lights up and wants to have the hands-on experience. Are there any websites you use to help educate your t...


What Type of Baby Items Needed for Pre-toddler?

M.C. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have formed our family via adoption. We have one son who is 8 yrs old and recently got a referral for a 19 month old baby girl in China. By the tim...


Need Help Choosing a Stroller

S.G. asks from Modesto

I have a 3 week old infant and I still have not chosen a stroller. I'm driving myself crazy trying to make this decision. A friend lent me her Peg Perego to try & pu...


Looking for a Lightweight Stroller!!

K.H. asks from York

I am currently looking into buying a lightweight umbrella style stroller for my 10 month old daughter. I don't want to use my big stroller anymore. I have looked at...


Best Infant Toy Brands

A.V. asks from Dallas

I am 2 weeks away from having my first baby and am interested in some websites to find some interactive learning toys for the first year. Any ideas out there? I just...


Jogging Stroller

M.B. asks from Chicago

I'm looking at getting a walking/jogging/everyday stroller. My son is 7 months old and is about grown out of his infant car seat. We have a Chicco Cortina travel sy...


Infant Educational Toy Ideas for 1 Year Old (Ideas Needed)

A.T. asks from Portland

I am looking to purchase some toys for a 1 year old, do you have any great suggestions? Thanks in advance!