Pets with Children: Ergo

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Feedback About the Ergo Infant Carrier

T.D. asks from Boston

I'm curious if anyone has used the Ergo Infant Carrier and what you thought of it. My son is almost 6 months old and, of course, loves to be carried all the time. But...


Buying a Used Ergo

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am considering buying a used ergo for my 6 month old, I would save about $30. does anyone know if they are machine washable and any tips what to look for if it is i...


Trying to Choose Between Ergo and Patapum Carrier

J.M. asks from Seattle

I would like to upgrade from the Moby Wrap to another carrier for my 9 month old daughter. We walk the dog everyday and the Moby Wrap is great, but not as convenient...


Baby carriers(Ergo) vs Baby Wraps(fabric Ties)

D.M. asks from Chicago

Second baby and just don't want to lug around the car seat this time. Which did you guys like better? I like the idea of no buckles/straps to fool with of the lightwe...


Toddler Leash??

J.R. asks from Dallas

I have recently considered getting my son a toddler harness. He has always hated sitting in the grocery cart, even with an expensive padded cart cover. So my choices ...


Travelling Alone with Infant

C.K. asks from Seattle

I'm taking my 4 month old daughter to visit my parents on the East Coast. I have never traveled alone with a baby. I bought her a seat and will bring the "baby buck...


Possibly Deciding to Stop at One Child

T.M. asks from Austin

Up until recently I always pictured myself with 2 children, but now have been thinking about how it would be with just one. I am totally in love with my daughter and...


How Do I Stop My Child from Being So "Clingy"

K.B. asks from Shreveport

I have one daughter she is 14 months old. She is the only child in the house hold and I am wondering is this why she only wants to be around me. She has all the toy...


Napping and Sleeping Arrangements When You Have a Baby and a Toddler

L.W. asks from Houston

Hi Moms, I plan on starting to have baby #2. I have a two year old right now. And I was wondering, how do you work in a nap for your baby when you have a toddler??...


Toddler Wrist "Leash" Recommendations Please?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

Yesterday my 2.5 year old dd got lost at a department store. They had to close everything down for a "Code Adam". I was completely hysterical. Thing is, my dd has aud...