Pets with Children: Claritin

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PLEASE HELP! Adverse Side Effects of Claritin

L.J. asks from Boise

Recently my second born little boy was put on claritin for his seasonal allergies. He just turned two and has really been struggling this spring. He was actually th...


Pet Allergies

R.N. asks from Albuquerque

I have a 7 month old baby boy and this week his nose started running and I am constanly having to clean his nose. So much so that his poor little nose is all red and...


Could I Be Allergic to My Dog?

K.O. asks from Wichita

Please help me ladies! I have battled hives on and off. Last spring was the first episode and I think it was caused by stress. I took Zyrtec and although it basica...


Keep the Dog, or Be Rid of Him?

K.H. asks from Dover

My daughters symptoms have been: eczema, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, major bowel movement issues, intense heartburn She has had eczema for a couple of years, ...


Do I Need to Give up My Dog Due to Kids Allergies?

S.H. asks from Indianapolis

I had both my sons tested for allergies and both tested positive for dogs. We have a very sweet dog the whole family loves (plus we live in the middle of nowhere and...


Infant Asthma

S.B. asks from Washington DC

My almost 5 month old son has been wheezing for about a month now. Our pediatrician tried several meds but they didn't really help much, so he sent us to a pediatric...


Allergic to the Dog?

S.S. asks from Portland

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined with nasal congestion. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother her and it doesn't trans...


Infant Allergies

D.H. asks from Miami

My daughter has had horrible eczema since she was two months old (she is now 5 1/2). Last week, we had her blood drawn for an allergy test. Today we find out she is...


Toddler with Seasonal Allergies

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

My 19 month old is suffering from seasonal allergies. The pollen has been pretty bad in Delaware lately and he is an absolute miserable mess. We tried Benadryl but...


Toddler with Allergies - I Need Some Suggestions!

S.B. asks from Indianapolis

We found out today that our 2 1/2 year little girl is allergic to dogs. We have a 3 year old yellow Labrador and really do not want to give her up if we can avoid it...