Pets with Children: Munchkin

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Please Help Me with My Dog Pee!!

C.I. asks from Washington DC

Hi ... I know this is a long shot, but I am DESPERATE!!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the SMELL of dog urine out of a suede leather couch? I love my lit...


Infant Asthma

S.B. asks from Washington DC

My almost 5 month old son has been wheezing for about a month now. Our pediatrician tried several meds but they didn't really help much, so he sent us to a pediatric...


Ideas on Introducing Dog to New Baby

P.H. asks from Boston

We have a very friendly medium iszed mutt who we love dearly. We are having our first child in June and want to make sure to make this transition as easy as possible ...


Hitting Toddler

W.B. asks from Boca Raton

Please help!!! I'm at a total loss I don't know what to do my 2yr old has turned into the devil!!! I know they say the terrible two's but OMG!! he was a perfect child...


Suggestions for Toddler Backpack W/ Harness

T.K. asks from Seattle

Hello Mamas! I have a 20 month old son who loves to run around everywhere. I tend to keep him in the grocery cart or stroller when we run errands, but I would like to...


Infant Autism Signs

L.S. asks from Kalamazoo

I have a beautiful 5 week old daughter. The only problem I am having with her is that she does not respond we talk to her or call her name. She looks at us all of t...


Seeking Advice on How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes I Never See, but That Bite Baby!

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

HI Moms: My sweet little munchkin seems to be getting an increasing number of mosquito bites on her arms and legs, though I never see any mosquitoes flying around....


Best Baby Gates for a Home with a Cat

A.O. asks from Washington DC

I was wondering if any of you who are cat owners have found a good way to use baby gates that will allow access to the full run of the house for the cat, but keep the...


Will You Please Help Name Our Puppy? (Jff)

C.D. asks from Atlanta

Hello ~~ I know there are a lot of important questions here but I'd like to ask your opinion -- I got a cute little 10 week puppy on Mother's Day which I picked out ...


BPA In Bottles?

S.S. asks from Kansas City

Have you all been hearing/reading about the research they're doing on BPA found in baby bottles and infant formula cans? Haven't we turned out fine and aren't your k...