Pets with Children: Resinol

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Raw Red Under Toddler Constantly Stuffy Nose

J.R. asks from Miami

Hi All, My 2 yr old has suffered from terrible congestion all winter. (He apparently has sleep apnea as well...). In any event, despite my placing aquaphor as much as...


Unscented Diapers

J.M. asks from Salinas

My 9 month old daughter has a rash in her diaper area that I cannot seem to clear up. I've tried Desitin, Butt Paste, A&D, Resinol, you name it. She went to the docto...


Baby Face Rash Solution...

E.W. asks from Dallas

My 5 month old daughter has developed a rash around her mouth. It has been there since we lightly started her on solids a month ago. It doesn't seem to bother her but...


Triple Paste.....

T.S. asks from Lexington

Good morning ladies.... My son has been sick for a few days now with diarrhea. We called the pediatrician this morning and they don't want to see him because he is s...


Desitin Diaper Cream

A.R. asks from Macon

I have used Aveeno diaper cream on my daughter since birth with no problems. But when she got a rash it didnt seem to do much to heal so on rashes I used Destin. Well...


3 Year Old Has SEVERE Exema

M.F. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 3 and has had exema for as long as I have remember really. She never had a realy bad break-out. Usually in the summer months it would flair up in the...


Laundry Soap?

M.S. asks from Spokane

What kind of laundry soap do/would you use/heard is the best for a baby that has sensitive skin? He is 9 weels old, and the doctor said that the rash that he comes a...


Diaper Rash That Never Wants to Go Away!

H.S. asks from Youngstown

I know diaper rash & babies/toddlers go together, but this is getting out of control! My 16 month old daughter constantly has little bumps or a rash on her private ar...


Bad Diaper Rash

A.B. asks from Tulsa

My daughter has had a pretty bad case of an ear infection. Well the medication she is on is causing diarrhea, which lead to a diaper rash/yeast infection. My question...


Daughter Being Eaten Alive

D.A. asks from Portland

Help, my 4 year old daughter gets about 10 bites on average every time she goes outside. We can walk to the mailbox and she comes in with 6-12 bites. She plays outsid...