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Please Help Me with My Dog Pee!!

C.I. asks from Washington DC

Hi ... I know this is a long shot, but I am DESPERATE!!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the SMELL of dog urine out of a suede leather couch? I love my lit...


Monthly Cost of Groceries Comparison

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find a way to cut back on expenses. One of our biggest monthly expenses is our grocery bill. We shop at Target weekly and a Sam's Club every other wee...


What Kind of Milk Should I Give My Toddler?

G.L. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is 14 mos. and has shown some signs of intolerance to cow's milk (diarrhea 5-6 hours after a bottle). I'm wondering what kind of milk to give her. She lik...


Activities for an Infant

T.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hey moms I am a new mom of an 8 month old boy. He is a lot of fun but I feel like all I do is play on the living room floor with him and then swim on the occasion it...


StoreBrand/Regular Brand Formula

A.M. asks from Cincinnati

Hello all, I have an almost 5 mo old girl...she started on Similac Advance after I had milk failure and was unable to nurse at 6 weeks. She did okay on it but my doc...


How Do You and Your Husband Handle Spending and Money?

J.G. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I are at a crossroads about our day-to-day finances. I am looking for ideas on how others budget, handle checkbooks, who decides how much is OK to sp...


Bad Mommy: a List of 10 Random Things

T.V. asks from New York

I'll preface this post by saying this. This is intended to be a light-hearted post. We are all moms, REAL moms and we all do things that we (and others!) may think of...


Need Help Finding Products for Clothes Stains That Actually Work

C.C. asks from Salt Lake City

I am exhausted to tears from scrubbing laundry. HELP!!! What products can I use so I don't have to waste more time scrubbing and scrubbing and washing and then some o...


How Do You Get Child's Urine Out of a Brand New Mattress???

T.W. asks from Dallas

We are potty training our 2 1/2 year old and she usually doesn't even go at night, but last night she went at least a gallon! I have her crib size mattress pad on her...


Furniture Cleaning

S.R. asks from Dallas

I recently potty trained my son and have several spots on our couches and chairs that have dried pee on them. I would soak up the extra pee with a towel at the time o...