Pets with Children: Albuterol

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Dog Allergies and Passive/aggressive Mom

C.T. asks from Santa Fe

Today my friend invited me to meet her for a hike. We were a part of a group of mom friends who hiked together every week last summer, and I think she is wanting to s...


Infant Asthma

S.B. asks from Washington DC

My almost 5 month old son has been wheezing for about a month now. Our pediatrician tried several meds but they didn't really help much, so he sent us to a pediatric...


Child with Asthma

M.G. asks from Green Bay

I have a 8 year old daughter that was unofficially diagnosed with asthma this past August. She has been on Neb treatments almost all her life when she gets sick. Mul...


Child with Cough

Y.S. asks from New York

my nine month old son has a horrible cough that is keeping him up at night. He also has a runny nose. He sleeps with a humidifier but it doesn't seem to help. My h...


Any Other Options You Have Tried for a Toddler's Very Severe Asthma?

A.K. asks from Norfolk

I am writing this in hopes to have any and all suggestions and personal experiences sent my way! My little guy who is now 3 years old has been battling asthma/allerg...


2 Month Old Possibly Has Asthma What to Know & Expect?

S.2. asks from Bakersfield

Hello moms, My LO just got a regular cough.I took her to the dr. he gave her albuterol drops and said she could have asthma but we have to see. In my mind she has a...


Need Advice on Treating One Year Old with Asthma

J.L. asks from Washington DC

My one year old was just diagnosed with asthma. I'm not totally convinced it is full blown asthma though. He is so robust usually and has been in daycare and been aro...


Child with Cough That Wont Go Away!

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

My 8 year old has had a cough for about 2-3 months now. It is not (and never was) a "sick" sounding cough and didn't follow a cold or other illness. It seems to be ...


My Baby Has Asthma - UPDATE

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son had bronchiolitis when he was three months old, then it turned into asthma. Once he gets a cold, he starts coughing and then wheezing. So I have to give him ...


Help with Sick Child

E.M. asks from Kansas City

I am needing some advice with my sons health. He is 3 years old, will be 4 in August. He has allergies to food, pets and outdoor irritants. He also has asthma. It see...