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Toddler Carriers for Hiking?

C.V. asks from Milwaukee

I'm looking for anyone who has had carriers that they've loved or hated. We're going on vacation up north in about 4 weeks and my husband wants to get something that...


Suggestions for Toddler Backpack W/ Harness

T.K. asks from Seattle

Hello Mamas! I have a 20 month old son who loves to run around everywhere. I tend to keep him in the grocery cart or stroller when we run errands, but I would like to...


Toddler Carrier Hiking Backpack

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have been hiking with my little girl since she was born, first in a Moby Wrap and now in the Ergo. At 22 months, she's getting close to the weight limit of 35 poun...


Help!!! Entire Extended Family Going Camping in 2 Weeks

L.E. asks from San Francisco

Help!!! I'm a late check-out and room service girl. I know nothing about camping for grown ups let alone how to do it with an infant. We were supposed to do a resor...


Recommendations on Bike Trailers

A.C. asks from Grand Junction

Im in the market to purchase a bike trailer for a toddler and 8 month old. I have heard positive things about the Burleys but they are a lot more expensive than other...


Baby Slings

D.A. asks from San Francisco

I have a 21 month old son and a 15 week old baby girl. I'm looking to get a sling. Which is the best? I have a Baby Bjorn but my back is killing me and it's diffic...


Working Mom & Exhasted!

A.E. asks from San Diego

Hi! I just can't get everything done on a daily basis and I'm incredible tired. I want to pursue a career, continue studying without neglecting my son, he's my numbe...


What Is Your Favorite Baby Carrier?

C.S. asks from Medford

I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and used several different slings and a baby bjorn with my first two. The slings were good for sitting and working on my computer (and b...


New Mom Needing Advice on Which Jogging Stroller to Purchase.

D.H. asks from Dallas

I just finished breast feeding and I'm ready to get back on the running trail. I don't know which jogging stroller to purchase. Is there one out there that is good qu...


One Year Old Wont Nap in Crib

L.P. asks from Raleigh

I am looking for advice with my just turning one year old who, due to my bad decisions in the past, wont nap in her crib. She takes her morning nap in my bed while I...