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Updated on October 28, 2010
S.Z. asks from Fairview, NJ
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My toddler who is turning two next Friday might be allergic to my mom's dog, a cockapoo. He was been with the dog since he was born and now all of sudden he is always scratching his right eye. It gets all puffy too. I took him to the doctor and he gave him eye drops for allergies. He was fine for a week and then it just came back all of a sudden. Dr. said he is too young for an allergy test. I would really hate to get rid of the dog, they are best friends and love playing with each other. I don’t know what to do. Dr said to keep giving him the eye drops and stay away from the dog as much as possible. Help me I feel so bad for my son and his best friend , I really don’t want to separate them but if it has to be done , I’ll do it. Has anyone been thru this before

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answers from Redding on

I don't have an answer for you except that it is strange it would only be the right eye. I have several friends who are allergic to our cats and they always have an irritation in BOTH eyes when they come over. Perhaps you could take him to an Ophthalmologist to have his eye checked more completely.

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answers from Los Angeles on

why is he too young for an allergy test? i had to get my son tested for allergies because he kept having runny nose, etc. and he was around 1 years old at the time. they did a skin test, not a blood test. call other allergists to confirm that he's not too young.

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answers from Columbus on

According to our pediatric allergist, you can do allergy testing on a newborn (but probably don't need/want to). Our son was allergy tested at 18 months (the "scratch tests). Keep asking your doc to give you a referral to an allergist--these kinds of allergies don't get better with time/exposure, and usually only get worse. Allergy testing will help to

My brother & SIL had a large dog, whom passed away when X was 1 and Y was 3. Neither X nor Y ever showed any allergy symptoms (that they noticed-no itchy eyes/congestion/etc). About a year later, my other brother got a puppy. The puppy, being a puppy, licked X's face, including her eye (ew). Her whole face swelled, got red and her eye itself swelled (yikes).... that's how they found out that X had an allergy to dogs.... Apparently puppies are more allergenic than adult dogs.

Zyrtec and Singulair are 2 medications that can be prescribed for children as young as 6 months, I believe. Ask your doc about those. And definitely keep pestering the doc for a referral to an allergist. Benadryl, of course, also works, but shouldn't be given w/o first talking to the doctor.

In the meantime do limit the exposure to the dog, and make sure to wash his hands and face as soon as possible after exposure to the dog. (no petting or giving treats or helping feed them--no letting him lay or sit in or near where the dog lays/sits). Bathing the dog regularly, washing the dog's bed regularly, and using a Swiffer (or similar) to keep pet hair cleaned up may also help.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have cousins that have allergies to dog and my grandma has a dog. They just take allergy medicine when they are going to her house. Talk to the doctor and see if there is safe for his age to take.



answers from San Francisco on

I agree with Kristen, it does seem odd that it is just one eye. Also, if it doesn't happen all the time he is around the dog, (you stated it went away for a week and came back) I wouldn't be convinced that he's allergic to the dog just yet. Maybe have the doctor check again to see if any eyelashes might be growing in irritating that eye. Or maybe he rubs them and they easily turn in? If you think or are pretty sure it's an allergy to the dog, I'd say Vacuum while he's not around if possible, wash his hands and face often and wash the dog often. I am slightly allergic to pet dander and it flaired up when I volunteered with an animal rescue. Vacuuming is my first line of defense and what I'm most consistant about, but the other things I mentioned will help to. One last thought....If I recall, Cockapoos are a dog that people aren't as allergic to as much as others like retrievers......Might take a bit to get to the bottom of this.

One last thing. When my daughter was younger(toddler) it seemed she was allergic to cats. We took care of a cat for a week and a friend has a cat and she would get a runny nose and stuffy around their cat as well as itchy eyes. I wasn't alarmed, didn't take drastic action, told my friend not to worry since the allergic reaction was mild and now at 8 she is fine, we were even able to keep a cat after a trial period of adoption to make sure, but we've had the cat for 2.5 years now.....

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