Pets with Children: Lauren

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Do I Need to Give up My Dog Due to Kids Allergies?

S.H. asks from Indianapolis

I had both my sons tested for allergies and both tested positive for dogs. We have a very sweet dog the whole family loves (plus we live in the middle of nowhere and...


Only Child

M.M. asks from Washington DC

My three year old son is always talking about his friends, having friends over, how he wishes he had a brother or sister (or cat)... I worry about him being an only c...


A Possible "Temper Tantruam" Child in the Making.

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 9 month old little boy, and just recently I've noticed that he has a little temper. If i try to take him away from something he can't touch, for example, he...


Does Your Child Have Memories of Thier Infancy??

L.O. asks from Detroit

My 4 year old daughter just told me today that she remembers going camping when she was a baby. ( We are planning a camping trip next month..) She said she remembers ...


Needing Suggestions for Books for Me and for Toddler...

L.L. asks from Rochester

For those of you who love horror and are Constant Readers, who else do you like? I need some new reading material, and I've done everything King and Little time and ...


Do You Protect Your Unvaccinated Child?

C.O. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I'm just wondering for those who don't vaccinate your children - how do you protect them from diseases? Do you take any extra, precautionary measures? Surely, you...


Garage Sale Vs. Craigslist

E. asks from Minneapolis

I'm hoping that someone can help me with some garage sale questions. A friend is having a garage sale and I'm putting some stuff in it. Do people even buy clothes a...


Favorite Toddler Books?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, Our 19-month old loves books. But I'm getting sick to death of the same ones we read over and over. And I've noticed that most are about animals, which i...


Boys Name Maddox

M.R. asks from Kansas City

We are considering the name maddox for a boy. Have you heard this name much? Any opinions on it? Any horrible nickname potential I'm not thinking of? I got the po...


Puppy & Baby on the Way

C.V. asks from Denver

My puppy Cinder is 10 months old. He is still going through many of his puppy stages and energy spurts. However, he has learned some basics like sit, down, and paw!...