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Is Goat's Milk Better for a Cow's Milk Sensitive Toddler?

J.M. asks from Miami

Hi Moms, My 27-month-old toddler is sensitive to cow's milk and gets eczema and diarrhea when he consumes it. I'm desperate to get him off of Neocate, a speciall...


Non-dairy, Non-soy Food for an Infant Whose Mom Won't Breastfeed?

D.D. asks from Seattle

Hey there, ladies - My cousin's wife refuses to breastfeed the baby and we have all tried desperately to get her to do so, but that is going nowhere and the baby ...


Allergies to Milk and Everything Else

K.B. asks from Cleveland

I was just wondering if anyone else had thier child diagnosed with allergies to milk and casein before. She is 6 months old and was exclusively breastfed until 6 mon...


5 Weeks Old Infant Milk Protein Allergy Allimentum HELP Please

E.F. asks from Detroit

Hi Everyone, I need some help. Wondering if anyone has experience with Allimentum formula? My son is only 5 weeks old and I was nursing but sick myself with bad migr...


Switching Formula....a Strange rash...and Baby Dandruff???

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have 2 questions. The first pertains to switching formula. I previously asked about brands and types of formulas to add into my 5 mo old's breastfed diet. I was giv...


Mom Having Trouble with Formula

T.F. asks from Spartanburg

Hello Moms, I am a new mother of a beautiful 2 month old little girl.She has been really gassy with the Similac formulas.I have changed to the soy formula and now she...


1 Year Old with Eczema and a Peanut Allergy

H.P. asks from Chicago

I have a 1 year old son who has had severe eczema since birth. 3 months ago he had a severe allergic reaction to what we believe to have been a peanut. I took him t...


Zithromax for Cough???

H.O. asks from Columbus

hi 5 month old still is coughing(esp at night), has wheezing, chest congestion(phlegm) but no fever for almost a month now...hes doctor prescribe vent exp, ...



A.J. asks from Rockford

Any advise on this subject. Little one keeps crying. Have tried new formula, gas drops etc.


Moms with Reflux Babies

D.F. asks from Philadelphia

Hi! My son just turned 7 months and has severe silent reflux and is on "liquid gold" similac alimentum, he is unable to break down the milk proteins in regular formu...