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Need a Running Stroller (BOB, Kelty or Baby Jogger?)

Hi, My daughter turns 6 mo this weekend and I would like to start running with her. I'm looking to get a good running stroller. However, most of the reviews of the "jogging" strollers that I've read have been from non-runners or joggers. Are there any runners out there who can advise on the good and bad points of the stroller she is using? What do you wish it did that it doesn't do? Is there one that you've seen a running partner use that you'd rather have? I've been looking at the BOB Ironman, the 2006 BOB Sport Utility, the...

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Toddler Carriers for Hiking?

I'm looking for anyone who has had carriers that they've loved or hated. We're going on vacation up north in about 4 weeks and my husband wants to get something that will allow him to wear our 2.5 year old daughter while hiking. I would also like to be able to use it for our son (who is now 3.5 months old) as he is growing out of the baby bjorn (he's kind of a giant). I've heard wonderful things about the ergo carriers, good things about kelty and sherpana (or something like that), but don't know much else and don't really know anyone...