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Updated on January 19, 2010
R.B. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I have been hiking with my little girl since she was born, first in a Moby Wrap and now in the Ergo. At 22 months, she's getting close to the weight limit of 35 pounds, and I'm starting to feel it in my back from time time.. so we need to find the next step.

We do a lot of local hikes - about 1-2 hours, some inclines, etc. Also, do a lot of hiking on trips up in the Carmel. I've tried one of my friend's packs (but, it's years old, so we're looking for some updated info) and she's really happy in it, so I know she's excited for the change too.

Thanks in advance for the input!

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you are a serious hiker, I highly recommend any pack from Tough Traveler. They are worth the money! Sometimes you can find them used but it is rare. Their site is: I had the Kid Carrier and it was the best made, most comfortable pack I've ever used!


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answers from Los Angeles on

How about a jogging stroller?

i had a back pack that went to eighty lbs, but, as soon as they started pulling my hair or taking off my hat I was done w/ the backpack.



answers from Los Angeles on

We have the Kelty kids carrier (from REI 2.0 or 3.0, I'm not sure, but we do have the sun shade that works well, except when the sun comes in the side. Our daughter loves it- likes being up high, and it has a lot of storage (in a low/under compartment and a removable backpack that we use as the diaper bag). I've never found it uncomfortable. I used the moby and ergo also; I never used the Kelty to replace the ergo though. Looks like the babyhawk would do that better.

Happy hiking!



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We also loved the Kelty backpack. It was really comfortable for both my husband and me, we just had to readjust the straps.

Good Luck!




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I carry my 22 month old in a kelty carrier, she loves it because she's high and I love it because it has LOTS of back support. I do hard core hiking too, lots of inclines and cardio work out and I get my fill but my daughter only weighs about 22 pounds. You should make sure to check the weight limit on any carrier you get but be sure to get one that supports your back.



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There is a phenomenal BABYWEARING group here in L.A. called KOALA L.A. led by the very AMAZING Traci Cummings. Her monthly meetings are incredible, and she offers a BABYWEARING LENDING LIBRARY where you can borrow slings/wraps/carriers to try for yourself. Her # is: (213) 300~8275, and her e~mail is [email protected] is truly a BABYWEARING ADVOCATE and all her help is free, though there is a small dono request when you borrow anything from the library! : ) I highly recommend contacting her with your request. And, I so invite you to join our KOALA L.A. YAHOO GROUP: where you can get advice, post news, and buy and sell slings and wraps and BWing things.

Also, is an amazing place to find more data on slings/ wraps/ carriers for us BABY WEARING MAMAS and even buy and sell them!

And, just so you know I love my TODDLERHAWK MEI TAI!

And, my 2 other favorite BABY CARRIERS are the CALYX and the BECO BUTTERFLY!

ENJOY!!! : )))

LOL (Lots of Love),
L. (BWing MAMA to 2 year old Dylan Orion......29 September 2007). : )



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We used backpacks by Kelty. We couldn't go wrong because of the lumbar support, the shoulder padding and the back ventilation. Our ds and dd liked riding up high and there was room inside the seating area too. The sun shade worked ok, as long as the sun was in the right spot. They usually wore a hat and plenty of sunscreen. It does help to have someone else help you with the backpack as the child gets older but the wt distribution was great. My husband was an avid hiker and used to carrying 30lbs. on his back. I couldn't use it because I have a smaller torso. I went with another backpack but it wasn't the same. Hope this helps.



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35 pounds seems like an awful lot to be carrying on your back, but I do have a hiking carrier that i wear on my back sometimes when I don't feel like breaking out the stroller... then again my son is 10 pounds lighter. I FEEL it in my neck more so ... so I don't tend to use it very often. (Usually if I have the dog with me as he gets in the way of the stroller)
Mine is made by REI... they have a great selection. You can check them out online and then go to the stores to try them on with your daughter in it. At least that's how I did it (then I went on Craigslist in search of the one I wanted to save money!)

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