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What Medela Spare Parts to Buy?

M.L. asks from Dallas

I am moving overseas and want to buy spare parts for my Medela InStyle pump just in case I need them and they aren't available for sale in my new country. Any advice...


Cleaning Wipes for Breast/nipple and for Medela Pump Parts and Storage Bags

N.B. asks from New York

Hi, I'm stocking up for breastfeeding supplies and wanted to know... Do I have to use the cleansing pads specifically sold to clean your breast before breastfeeding...


Medela Pump in Style Doesn't Seem to Work! HELP, Losing My Milk Supply!

M.M. asks from Chicago

When I first started pumping, I used a hospital grade pump that I rented from a place near Prentice. Then I went on a trip to visit family and asked them to pick me u...


Should I Buy a Breast Pump?

E.B. asks from Kansas City

My five month old son normally breastfeeds well but lately I have been supplementing him with formula bottles when I visit my parents. I have been over there several...


Buying Breastpump - Need Help!

N.C. asks from Dallas

Mommies... My husband and I are headed out of town in a month and are leaving our son for 4 days. I need to begin pumping in order to store/freeze bm for his stay wi...


Which One to Buy?

L.H. asks from Joplin

I have 3 boys--17, 10, 8--but never breast fed any of them. I am expecting my 4th baby in September and I am very committed to nursing this time. I do want to be ab...


Manual Breat Pump

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I am currently nursing my 3 month old son and pump only occasionally using Medela pump in style (my breasts are not too responsive to a pump). I am travelin...


Manual Breastpump

A.B. asks from Dallas

My Medela electric breast pump was stolen out of my car Sunday night. I really can't afford to spend that much money on another pump, so I wanted to see if anyone cou...


Need Advice for Breast Pumps

C. asks from Dallas

I am looking for the best breast pump on the market. I am going to be going back to work when my daughter is 9 weeks old and I don't want to stop breastfeeding then. ...


Seeking a Reccomendation on a Breast Pump

C.R. asks from San Diego

Hello mommies. My daughter just turned one month old today and I think it's time to start pumping. I intend to breastfeed the majority of the time but I'm beginning...