Jenny Craig - Racine,WI

Updated on October 19, 2010
C.S. asks from Racine, WI
4 answers

If you have used Jenny Craig can you share your experience..and the cost. Especially of the food.


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answers from Pocatello on

jenny craig will work but there can be a problem with it. It's nice while you are doing it cause if you eat their food you will lose the weight but once you are at your goal weight and start trying to eat regular foods again you may start to gain it all back. See it's easy cause you don't have to think just eat what their food but it doesn't teach you how to count calories or fat and learn how to eat right with regular food on a daily bases. If I were you I would do Weight Watchers. They will teach you how to eat right with food you can buy and make yourself. You will have a better chance of keeping it off this way.

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answers from Bakersfield on

I havent. Don't fall for it C.. I just lost 25lbs in a month by drinking 4 or 5 cups of hot green tea with a spoonful of honey daily (honey is optional, I just like it better with a little sweet in it since it's such a bland tea). I sip these all day long. When I'm hungry I eat a big piece of celery with some peanut butter on it. That's fiber and protein and not a lot of calories, keeps you full for a long while too. My appetite is supressed by the green tea which is full of antioxidants and it's a natural detox for your body. Just try to start drinking it, I have had great results.... and it's way cheaper than Jenny Craig.
I put my coffee pot up and just replaced it with a teapot. Actually, I do it in the microwave, but was trying to make a point ;)



answers from Honolulu on

While in college, I used to work there. Good program... MANY Doctors also sent their patients there to lose weight for reasons such as Diabetes/heart/post-giving birth... to lose weight... and in conjunction with the program's exercise component.

I don't know what the program is like nowadays... but when I worked there, the program was excellent. Of course, it only works if the person does it. It is not a hard program... you go in once a week to meet with a Consultant and they help you or give you morale support.

Many of my clients... were successful. I even had a 'celebrity' client and a Fed judge as a client. Also, many Moms, who wanted to lose weight after having baby. Jenny Craig, at that time, had 'menus' for lactating Moms, Diabetics, heart patients and Vegetarians.... the food was also very good.
You didn't count calories... (which is a pain), but simply learned how to eat/ how to portion/how to eat healthy/and incorporate exercise.... into your life.
It is a "Lifestyle" change or re-adjustment... so that you then become healthier and lose weight.
The client, decides how much weight they need to lose... Programs like this, benefit those who don't cook and need morale support... but you also learn how to cook... via their program.

When I worked there... we did not do anything to fool clients or lead them on. It takes work to lose weight, like anything else. YOU have to want to do it... and learn tools to do it... as well.

all the best,



answers from Los Angeles on

here is the thing ALL DIET PROGRAMS WORK. Huh? What? It is not following the program that gets you in trouble. if you follow them exactly and are eating less calories than you use you will lose weight. But there is no "going BACK to your old ways." if you do the weight will go back on. My mom did jenny and it worked for her when she was committed. but once she was not committed anymore it didn't work anymore.

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