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Best Plan to Loose Weight/eat Healthy

B. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am looking for a way to learn to eat healthier and loose weight. I am considering Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, the Sonoma Diet, or go...


Diet ?

W.L. asks from Dallas

I am sure this question has been asked numerous times, but here I go anyway. I really do want to lose about 20 pounds and I've even considered diet pills which I don...


Diet Choices

L.B. asks from Denver

Okay, I have read every book imagineable on diet, nutrition and excersise. I know what to do...I just can't get myself to eat properly. From October of last year unt...


Which Program Is Recommended?

C.M. asks from Detroit

I have been trying to lose weight, for a little while now. I researched Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig(tried both previously) and HMR henry Ford Weight Management Cente...


Seeking Other Moms to Be 'Diet Buddy' With

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I was hesitant about getting on the scale, but I did and since I stopped nursing my son 5 months ago, I put on more weight. Before I got pregnant, I went to Jenny Cra...


If You Could Go on Any Diet Plan, Which One Would You Pick?

M.S. asks from Chicago

I am going on a diet...Originally I picked Jenny Craig but have read some bad reviews regarding lack of support (canned questionnaires from your counselor) and gettin...


Need Help with Diet/Weight Loss

J.H. asks from Dayton

I am having trouble losing the baby weight from my 16mth old. I gained about 60 lbs with him that I just can't shake. I had knee surgery in '04 so it is hard to run a...


Weight Loss HELP

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm just curious.....I'm at my wits end with my weight....I have done everything I can even imagine.....Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins, Eating barely nothing, c...


Want to Drop 10-15 Lbs.

R.K. asks from New York

I want to drop some weight and wanted to know if anyone tried Nurtisystem or Jenny Craig. I did the Nutrisystem for a few weeks from a friend, and that wasn't too bad...


Weight Issues

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

There obviously isn't a miracle weight loss diet, otherwise everyone would be doing it if it was fast and easy. I am struggling with my weight because I'm getting old...