Has Anyone Tried Both?

Updated on November 22, 2011
★.O. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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I'm curious at the success rate and ease of use at both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I know WW has a breastfeeding Mom program, but that is all I know about them. I saw Mariah Carey on the new JC commercial and WOW!! Which one do you think is better, if either of them at all?

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So What Happened?

So far - WW seems to be the more popular...

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answers from Orlando on

I did Jenny craig after having my son and lost very little weight and spent about 100$ per week NOT including fresh produce and stuff. And once I stopped I put back on the weight. Waiste of $$ and time IMO.

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answers from Seattle on

My mom is a WW woman.

She is just starting up again after a slight break.

She loves it. And is normally her happiest when she is eating the way they say to eat:)

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answers from Syracuse on

I've never done either, but if I had to I'd choose WW. It just seems healthier because you are eating nutritious real food and learning about portion control/making smart choices. Plus, I've known quite a few people who've lost the weight and kept it off with WW.

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answers from Chicago on

I did WW right before I got pregnant. I like WW because I was able to better track what i ate. I did the WW online rather than meetings. Just keeping track and knowing that I reached my points stopped me from over eating. And if i reached my points but was still hungry, I did have choices of something to eat without going overboard. A friend at work did WW and lost almost 30 pounds. She is restarting to really focus again. I was wondering actually if they had a bf program. Now I know and can start up once I get to my 6 weeks post partum. I do not want to gain weight back.
On the other side, if you tend to get kidney stones or stomach issues, do not do JC. A friend of mine joined it because she knew it worked, paid the join fee and the first week or month of food. She got kidney stones and a lot of pain. Her doc told her no JC because it is processed foods. Even eating lots of WW meals or Lean Cuisine is not good for you, need to include lots of fresh foods also. That reminded me of 4 other people I knew or met that had done JC and had issues, so something to think about also.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a friend who is doing the breastfeeding WW, and she looks great!! She likes it, because she seems to really be learning a lot about food. I don't know anyone who has done JC, so I can't really comment on that.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've personally never tried either but it sure seems like I hear WAY more success stories from WW users.

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answers from Fargo on

I lost 23 pounds on the WW points program when I was breastfeeding. I think I was allowed 6 or 7 more total "points" per day due to breastfeeding.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I wouldn't use either (for me). I have found eating moderately, no starving and exercising hard core for a minimum of four hours a week would work...kick boxing, pilates, spinning, walking and moderate weight lifting. I have had remarkable success in the past 2.5 months.

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answers from St. Joseph on

my grandma used WW and she did really good on it. I haven't used either. the only way i've ever been able to lose weight sucessfully was portion control, not eating to late and cutting soda either completely out or maybe just have 1 or 2 a week. I would go with the WW based on the other ladies comments since you would be eating real whole foods. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I've never used either one.

My mom used WW for a LONG TIME and my best friend dropped 65 lbs on WW..

I don't know anyone who was successful at JC.

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answers from Honolulu on

JC has a breastfeeding menu, a diabetic menu, and many others, even for vegetarians.
At least, this is how it was when I was in college... and used to work there years ago. I do not know what the program is like now.
They had good menus and foods... and many of the clients were actually referred to JC, by their medical Doctor. And they teach you lifestyle habits. Not just giving you the food/menu. But also taught you how to eat and cook healthily.

A program, is only successful, if you do it and want to do it and work at it.
You choose, a program, that fits, you.
Thus, for everyone, either WW or JC, will work or not.

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answers from Chicago on

both of my sisters have done well on WW ... I am doing it myself it's just too expensive for the programs



answers from Dallas on

My friend has been doing WW for over 10 years. She lost all her baby weight twice while breastfeeding and she has been able to keep it off for over 10 years while still enjoying food, going out to dinners, and the occassional glass of wine. She is an exercise freak, which I think accounts for more of her weight loss than the WW, but she needs an outside force like WW to keep her motivated. She went from 175 down to 115, and she stays in the 115 to 120 range. Didn't Kirstie Alley do JC mulitple times? It never stuck. Personally, I think exercise is the key to any good diet.

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