Jenny Craig Advice - Quick I Have an Apt in an Hour

Updated on August 07, 2013
L.D. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have been at this since March of this year and lost all of 10lbs. Granted I am not eating the food as I want to loose the weight with my own food. But not loosing anything. I am frusterated and don't want to spend the money into their food. How do I let go and quit, she is always persistant in me sticking it out and it is $30 a month to come for a consult, which isn't bad but I do not loose any weight. I know I need to work out more and journal, just getting discouraged and not making it important.
what would you do ?

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answers from Norfolk on

I tried LA Weightloss years ago - it didn't help me much and it just got annoying.
What has worked for me is seeing my Dr, counting calories (no more than 1200 per day), and drinking plenty of water every day.
I use MyFitnessPal (SparkPeople is good too) to count up how much I eat.
I can have what ever I want just as long as I don't go over my 1200 per day.
I began last Dec 1st and I've lost 65 lbs.
I walk for 30 min 3 times a week - too much exercise makes me too hungry.
My Dr is very happy with my progress - and so am I!

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answers from Columbia on

L., If you're not willing to commit to the program, quit and find something that will work for you.

Have you considered Weight Watchers? You get to cook your own food and just count the points. I think they even have an app to make it easier.

Also, I strongly recommend adding physical activity to your day. You can't feed your body and not go and move to burn that fuel.

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answers from Kansas City on

Cancel the appointment and spend the $30.00 on some fresh fruit and vegetables or a new pair of shorts/tank at Target. You don't need to dive into 'working out', just start with taking a walk in morning or evening and having something new to walk in is fun.

Baby steps... this obviously isn't working for you, so maybe it's time for a new plan. A fresh start may be the motivation that you need and it doesn't have to be a complicated diet regime.

Get a spiral notebook (dirt cheap now that school supplies are in stores) and keep it in the kitchen and write down what you eat. Get the junk out of your house so you aren't tempted and get into the habit of walking at least once a day.

You can do this! Good luck!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Just tell her you are done, and stick to your guns. Where is the point in paying for is diet plan if you aren't going to follow it? (Their entire plan is based on eating their food.)

If you truly want to lose weight, find a healthy diet plan, along with an exercise plan, and STICK to it! You don't even have to use a fad diet... I have found that drinking a full glass of water before I eat anything, cutting my portions way down, and eating fruits and veggies as snacks really helped me lose and control my weight. My exercise routine usually consists of running around with my daughter outside, and 10 minutes following some workout apps I downloaded free on my iPad.

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answers from San Francisco on

There's really no point in paying for a consultation for a program that you're not working. I think the crux of their weight loss plan depends on you eating the foods they provide.

I wouldn't worry so much about working out more - fat will turn to muscle which weighs more so you'll see a tightening up of things, but no real weight loss.

If you really want to lose the pounds, change your eating habits and start doing a brisk 1/2 mile walk each day. And I mean brisk - no strolling. Between just those two things, you should see some weight loss.

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answers from Boston on

I agree with the others. Jenny Craig won't work unless you eat their foods. So stop wasting your money - for a little more than what you're spending for the consultations, you can join WW and use your own foods, go to meetings, use the on-line tools and perhaps see some results.

I'll also add that after years and years and years of dieting and exercise with no results I started a program called Unleash Your Thin a couple of weeks ago and started the food plan at the end of last week. I haven't stuck to it 100% but I am down 2 lbs in 5 days. It's basically no grains, no dairy, and only berries and 1 apple a day for fruit and the rest of your diet is protein (meat, seafood, eggs, whey protein, beans, miso, nuts, seeds etc.) and lots and lots and lots of veggies. I've also given up Diet Coke, which has been a 20 year addiction for me. So far my cravings for sweets have gone way down - I made a batch of cookies for a party over the weekend and didn't eat any. Normally I would have had quite a few. After two weeks of this restricted diet, you slowly re-introduce grains and dairy and see how you feel. If you can still maintain weight loss and feel well on those, then you incorporate those into your meal plan. If you find that you feel awful, or bloat up or gain weight, you have found that these foods cause inflammation and weight gain, so you eliminate them. far, it's working for me so I wanted to throw that out there as something to look into if you're trying hard and are really stuck.

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answers from Cleveland on

Look into weight watchers (you use your own food, but there recipes and their point system)

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answers from Tampa on

Jenny Craig is EXPENSIVE. I did it for a period of time and it was around 130$ a week just for their food, and you have to still buy veggies and such.



answers from Pittsburgh on

If you want to be able to eat normal food and lose, you may want to try Weight Watchers instead.



answers from Las Vegas on

Their food is awful.. I joined them years ago and after a week, told the consultant I wanted to quit, she asked why.. I said the food is not very good.. her reply.... is that the only reason?? I was like.. yeah reason enough.. If I don't like your food, what's the point..

I say try WW.... for those who work it, they've had great success.. OR do like me and join OA for free.. it's not just about losing weight but understanding why we may over-eat .. it's also good for the mind, body and soul... It's a great program... meetings are everywhere.. check out their website at

good luck



answers from Chicago on

This is the reason why I have alsways done Weight Watchers. If I honestly use the plan I have always lost the weight. I can eat out at restaurants, parties etc.. with out worring, just tracking what I am eating converting it to points etc.

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