Illnesses & Symptoms: Toddler, Zyrtec

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ZYRTEC - Is It Safe?

Our pediatrician has suggested Zyrtec for my son's allergies. Anyone heard anything about this medication, or used it themselves? I have heard it works better than other allergy medications, but I have also heard it has detrimental side effects. I hate giving my son medication and like to avoid it as much as possible. Any stories, suggestions, advice, is greatly appreciated. Thanks moms!


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


Allegra Vs. Zyrtec

Has anyone tried both Allegra & Zyrtec? I am wondering if you noticed a...


Zyrtec Vs. Nasonex

My 2.5 year suffers from a chronic wet cough. It's been months and months...


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Breastfeeding and Zyrtec

Anybody know if it's okay to take Zyrtec daily for allergies if you are breastfeeding?


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...


Allergy or Not?

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought...

Cold & Flu

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Pre-schooler with Constant Runny Nose

My 3.5 year old son started pre-school this fall and has a constant runny nose. Is there anything I should be concerned about or is it just a part of being around 17 other kids? This is his first time with lots of other kids on a consistent basis.


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Cough & Cold

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Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past 3-4 weeks or so. She's not sick and doing well, but her nose is always stuffy. Not runny or have cold symptoms, but I guess something must be bothering her nose. It's not stuffy 24 hours, but she usually has something in her nose that bothers her and sometimes it's hard for me to watch her being so bothered by her stuffy nose. She hates the saline spray, so when I try to use that on her, she panics and gets upset. And even when I do get that in her nose, it...