I Am Wondering If My 16 Month Old Has Allergies, Green Runny Nose off and On

Updated on April 13, 2010
N.G. asks from Peyton, CO
6 answers

My 16 month old daughter has had a green runny nose for awhile (5 weeks). She was seen by her doctor, but she said it is something she will grow out (up to 2 years) of due to change in the altitude. We moved from CA (Bay Area the end of October) and now we live in Colorado. I have been trying to limit whole milk, but we still give her some cheese yogurt, but it doesn't seem to matter. My mom suggested I try rice milk. Has anyone else done this and noticed a change? My daughter did start whole milk soon after we moved so I am not sure if it a combination of the milk and the change in altitude has caused her green runny nose. She has a runny nose and often it is green, some days it is clear.

Thanks for any advice!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I would get a second opinion if I were you. Usually when the snot is green, there is more of an infection going on. My daughter was having a similar problems at the same age. We took her to the doctor, and she said that it's normal for kids to have colds like this for weeks. When she was not getting better, we took her to another doctor and she ended up having pneumonia. If we had stayed with that stupid doctor, I don't know that my daughter would have gotten the care she needed. I would say go with your gut. If you think there is more to it, there probably is. After going to this new doctor, we did put her on Almond milk. It did seem to help. Her new doctor also put her on Zyrtec to limit congestion. That helped a ton.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Hi N.,
We moved to CO from MO about a year and a half ago. I suppose I never thought to much about the runny nose color...it just seems to come out no matter what color. My oldest son actually takes on one of my kid traits of bloody noses when it get too dry - and we live in CO so you can imagine! I honestly don't know about it being related to allergies. It really could be a change of altitude thing. I say this because ever since we moved out here I have to blow my nose every morning. Doesn't sound odd for most, but I NEVER had to do that until we moved here. Infact I remember in the past when we visited family out here that I had to do the same thing til we returned home. So, it may be environmental, but as a mom I encourage you to check every avenue out...you know your child better than anyone!



answers from Colorado Springs on

We also live in CO, not too far from Falcon. It could be allergies. I have a 5 yr old who has allergies from Jan thur summer, so it is very possible it is allergies. Many of my kids have allergies and they all start at different times of the year. I have found that doctors don't like to diagnose allergies at a young age. Try the Bendryl and see if it works.



answers from Colorado Springs on


I have 5 kiddos. We have delt with many allergies! Three of the five have been on rice milk. It works great and they carry it in most grocery stores. I would give her benedryl (you can call your pharmacist for the correct dossage), and see if it is allergies. This time of year in CO, we usually don't deal with many allergies, usually we have flair ups in the spring. However, if it is allergies, benedryl would help to clear up the nasty nose thing. It has worked with my kiddos, hope it can help a bit. Good luck. (Also might want to get a second oppinion from another doctor - found this helpful too!)



answers from Colorado Springs on

i now live in simla, about 1/2 hour north of you... i lived in middle lincoln county before that for a long time. i was ~42 years old (2001) the first time i EVER got any type of 'alergy' symptom... this was also the same time the drought hit very hard out there (yuccas dying for years, etc.)

this was also the same time we started noticing "rush hour in Lincoln county" lots of airplane traffic leaving lots of fallout in the sky. this hadn't been occuring before.

i had four pneumonias mid '05 to mid '06.
we moved to simla in mid '07 and the "rush hour over northern El Paso and lower Elbert Counties" seemed to start in spring '08.

over the last year and a half i have had ~6 serious bronc and pneumonia bouts, my 21 year old daughter runs around with it semi-regularly, and she is told her 1 year old's green nose is "viral", by a doctors group in el paso regularly now.

green noses are not okay. skies full of chemical fall out are not okay, either. our skies get so bad some days out here i'm afraid to let my dogs go out and walk around in the grass, through whatever.

do they spray for bugs out your way? they do here regularly in the summer; you can't convince me that's okay for our breathing (or gardens, or ground water reserves) either.

good luck, sincerely.

p.s. i hear hand foot and mouth disease is well rampant in peyton, today.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Hi! I also live in Falcon!!
It COULD be alergies!! I moved out here 3 years ago and I myself thought I was going to die!! Do you have her on any meds? Try Benadryl for kids. It works great!!

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