Runny Nose, No Fever

Updated on May 07, 2012
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
7 answers

Mamas & Papas -

DS has a runny nose, but no fever. No other signs of sickness, no bleary eyes, no sluggishness, no crankiness etc. His runny nose started yesterday, is continuing today, and if this runs as long as his last "cold" will be with us for weeks to come. Would you, should I, keep him home tomorrow from daycare?

Thanks a bunch,
F. B.

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answers from Philadelphia on

He can go. He has no fever. If mucus is clear then he's fine. Sounds to me that he may be having allergies as it is spring and it is that time of year. Without knowing his age, he need to find some allergy relief meds. Teach him to blow his nose. Some kids catch on fast, some take forever to get it. If he's very little use a bulb to suck out the mucus before you leave. Kids get clear boogies quite often but doesn't mean they're sick. He can go.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Tulsa on

What color is the snot? Clear and it's probably just allergies. Yellow or green and it's most likely a bug. Don't know about daycare, I'm not up with the rules. Hope it clears up soon!

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answers from Honolulu on

Technically, if a child has a fever... then they must stay home.
And be clear of a fever for at least 24 hours, before returning.

Your child has no fever. As of now.
So he can go.
But until tomorrow, just keep an eye on him and see if it progresses or not.
And regarding the color of his mucus. Clear mucus is usually allergy or reactions to things in the air/pollen/dust/the weather etc.
Colored mucus, usually indicates illness.
At the onset of a "cold"... sometimes they do get an active runny nose, then it might, progress.
So just keep an eye out.

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answers from New York on

No, do not keep him home.

Is it possible he may have allergies? It's been bad up here in the northeast.

As long as the mucus is faily clear, no worries. If it turns yellow, it's time to see a doctor.



answers from Minneapolis on

Unless he develops new symptoms or feels really bad I would send him to daycare.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You know, F., my son's K teacher used to put a box of Kleenex on his desk and the garbage can beside him--that's just HOW runny his nose was.
Well...figured it out...allergies. It's handled now. Wish it had been sooner.
Had he stayed home every day he had a runny nose, he would have been home more than he was in school!


answers from Chicago on

If it's simply a runny nose then he's fine to go to daycare......I've had a runny nose for a week and am at work!!! :)
If you keep your child home every day that they have a runny nose they're going to be home half the year - may as well quit the job now and stay home.
I think it's nice you are asking this though as there are many parents that 'push the envelope' and truly do take their kids when they are really sick - then everyone gets it!

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