Sore Throat

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Sore Throat

D.P. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone have any good home remedies for a sore throat? My poor daughter says here throat hurts really bad. Thanks in advance!


Sore Throat

J.S. asks from Detroit

My throat has been sore for a few days. Tonight I looked at I I have white spots on both sides. No fever (that I know of). Just stuffy, head ache and sore throat. ...


What Do You Do for a Sore Throat?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

We came home from a family reunion in Atlanta on Sunday and I had a sore throat. It has only gotten worse. I came home from work around 230 on Monday because I could ...


Sore Throat

A.W. asks from Monroe

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I had cold...cough, sore throat, stuffy nose. I recovered from that pretty quickly, but since I have had a terribly sore throat. It's much wor...


Sore Throat

V.V. asks from Houston

When do you generally take you child into the doctor for a sore throat? Do you wait a few days to see if it goes away or take them right away? My six year old had a s...


Very Sore Throat

D.C. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi All, I've got the flu, and with it a very sore throat. I'm taking tylenol, drinking hot tea with honey and using a saltwater gargle. I've tried throat lozenges ...


Sore Throat

C.C. asks from New York

Hi! I have a 14 m/o son who has pneumonia with a wicked cough. Because of this his throat hurts really bad to the point I can tell it's hard for him to swallow. Is t...


Sore Throat

T.C. asks from Albuquerque

All of a sudden on Monday I started getting a sore throat and by the nezt morning less then 12 hours later I had lost my voice. By the afternoon I was able to talk ag...


Sore Throat and Nursing

M.M. asks from Nashville

Anyone know what meds are safe for a sore throat while nursing?