3 Year Old with Cough, Runny Nose, & Green Discharge in Corners of Both Eyes

Updated on November 10, 2009
L.K. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

My 3 year old, for 2 days now, has developed a cough, runny nose, and has green gunky discharge in the corners of his eyes several times a day. He has no fever and tons of energy. I am thinking he has a cold, but the green eye discharge is worrying me. Has anyone else experienced this. We are new here and have yet to find a Dr. Thanks for your help.

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answers from San Antonio on


I recall having that problem with my children as well. If I recall, it's basically a bad sinus infection that has so much "stuff" that it's oozing out anyway it can (which is why you're seeing it come out the eyes).

Take your child to a doctor. It's most likely a cold but they can prescribe something to help. I don't know what side of SA you're on but my family uses Northeast Pediatrics. They have multiple locations. Call them at ###-###-####. Our doctor is Dr. Dooley but all the doctors and the PAs are great.



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This sounds just like my two nephews, 3 and 5, who found out on Sunday that they have pink eye. It's pretty contagious but you might want to call a doctor for your little guy right away and limit the number of toys he can play with to ones that you can wash easily. You both need to wash your hands easily and everyone in the house needs to be sure to keep their hands away from their faces. I guess an obvious question is are their eyes a little pinker than usual?

This is all so fresh from the several calls I fielded from my sister in law yesterday so I went straight to pink eye but having not seen them, I'm not sure what it looks like. I see you are new here--welcome! There is a nurse line you can call for kids in San Antonio to check out the symptoms. It's 210.22.NURSE. Since they are not seeing your child, they will always say to take him to see a pediatrician if you ask if you should. I think it's a liability thing. If it is pink eye, he needs antibiotics.

We have used Texas Med Clinic at 410 and Broadway as well as one on Blanco near West but you can check out all their locations at http://www.texasmedclinic.com/locations/index.php

I appreciate my kids' pediatrician. We go to ABCD Pediatrics in the Stone Oak area. You can check them out at http://www.abcdpediatrics.com. We see Dr. Gonzalez and the kids love her. When they are ill, they are always squeezed in. There are several doctors in this office so if your ped is on vacation, someone can always see your kid.

Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Could be a cold with more discharge than usual. could be the start of a sinus infection...since it's green.

Lots of water and OJ into that boy! That will help thin the mucous.
If he starts running a fever or complaining of headache or eye ache, might have become sinus infection.



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Whenever my daughter had/has discharge from her eyes yellow or green and a cold...it tips me off she has an ear infection. It has never been wrong yet.

There are several good walk in pediatric clinics...Goodnight Pediatrics and another 24 hours children's clinic in the Stone Oak area the name escapes me.

Get him checked out, just to be safe.



answers from San Antonio on

My 5 year old has the cough, runny nose, and swollen eyes and my 20 month old has the green discharge. I'm pretty certain the discharge in my child is not pink eye. I think my kids have a virus. My friends son came over last week and had a bit of croup so I think my kids picked it up. Just treat the symptoms. That is all you can do with a virus anyway. If things get worse though, deffinately take him in.

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