Normal for Toddler to Have Bloody Runny Nose?

Updated on January 22, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
7 answers

Is it normal for a toddler (19 mo) to have a runny nose that's also bloody? It's bloody in just one nostril and it's not a nosebleed as it is not profusely coming out but is more like a bloody mucousy drip from his nose... Is this normal? (He's also been sick and been having runny nose for a couple of weeks now -- today's the first time it's bloody)

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answers from Detroit on

Hi SS---My first thought is that the air might be dry and so you might try a humidifier at night. I can't remember the name, but there is also an OTC product that will help to moisturize nasal passages. Just keep an eye on him. I doubt is is anything serious, just a byproduct of his cold and runny nose. Have him drink lots of water to hydrate those mucous membranes.

Feed him LOTS of extra fruits and veggies. It will help him to recover faster and, when you continue to eat that way, prevent him from getting colds in the future. Good luck. D.

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answers from Toledo on

Low moisture in the air, especially in winter, causes dry nasal tissue. We have a humidifier running all winter. If you notice static electricity in your home, it's too dry. If you don't have a humidifier, you can put a big pot of water on the back burner and simmer all day.

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answers from Little Rock on

I have to keep a large pot of water boiling on the stove most of the winter months to prevent nosebleeds. It is caused by the low moisture level and running the heater, furnace or fireplace in your home removes a lot of the usual moisture in your home. You might want to consider a humidifier in his room as well. You can also put a small amount of Vaseline in his nose to moisturize his nose and keep it from bleeding. I do this myself on recommendation of my allergist and Primary care physician. There are also Saline Nasal drops and sprays available that might help too.



answers from Washington DC on

My 4 year old son had 3 episodes of what you just said in the last year. My understanding is, the blood vessels in the nose rupture too easily as they are already irritated due to cold. I did the mistake of pressing the nose hard while he was blowing, and that lead to the bloody nose on one of the occasions.



answers from Sherman on

Low humidity in your house could be causing dryness and sensitivity. Try putting a humidifier in your house and see if that helps.



answers from St. Louis on

Diane M. is dead-on with her answer!


answers from Boston on

The mucus membranes in his nose are irritated from a cold virus. There are blood vessels in there too so it's easy for irritation to cause bleeding. It can happen with a lot of nose-blowing too, although most 19 month olds can't do that effectively. The solution the other post is taking about is a saline nasal spray - Ocean is one brand but there are others. Store brands are okay. You just squirt it into the nostril to help moisturize.

Some people use a Neti pot very successfully but I think it's almost impossible to use with a little one who can't blow his nose afterwards. It's better for older kids & adults.

More fluids will help but I've found the best solution is a terrific supplement designed for kids called Reliv NOW for kids. You can't get it in stores which is good! You get it from a trained nutritional consultant who helps monitor you and gives you the support you need. Helping kids avoid colds entirely is a great thing! My son is older but hasn't been sick in 3 years, neither have my friends' little ones.

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