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Childbirth and Head Cold

D.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had the misfortune of being sick during the delivery of your baby. I am inducing this Sunday and I have a head cold that is r...


A Simple Head Cold

M.C. asks from Albuquerque

My daughter Sophia who is a little over a month old has a head cold and her nose is so stuffed up, but she hates when i try to use the suction thing and the saline dr...


7 Week Old with Head Cold.

B.R. asks from Tucson

My 7 week old son has come down with a head cold. Does anyone have any ideas on how to relieve him a little more other than saline and nose sucker, humidifier, and s...


How Long Is Head Cold Contagious? My Mom Is Sick...

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My Hubby and I have been looking forward to a night out (dinner and a movie!) tomorrow, my mom is going to keep our daughter overnight. Problem is, my mom came down w...


Pregnant with the Worse Head Cold/ Sinus Infection Ever

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

Hey moms, Im 32 weeks pregnant and have a really nasty head cold/ sinus infection. My doctor is on vacation, and when I went to the pharmacy this morning, the phar...


How to Unclog an Ear from Head Cold

M.S. asks from Portland

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I am coming to you for help since the doctor said to wait until Monday and come back if its not better. So here's the problem: I have ha...


Pregnant, Head Cold, and Feeling like Death Warmed Over....

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am 22 weeks pregnant, and coming down with my second head cold/upper respiratory virus of December. I have acquired these through my 2 year old son who seems to be ...


7 Week Old with Head Cold

H.B. asks from Little Rock

My son is 7 weeks old, almost 8 weeks, and he has a sinus cold. His nose is very stuffy and he's having thick clear drainage in the back of his throat. I've been usin...


My Baby Has a Cold

B.S. asks from Knoxville

I need advice on how to deal with my 3-month-old son having his first cold. He's mostly over it, but he still wheezes now and again. His doc says it's reflux, but t...


Cold Hair and Cold Weather?????

K.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi everyone! I have a question for everyone! :) I am finally growing my hair long ago and its a little past my shoulders now. My friend told me that I could get sick ...