Illnesses & Symptoms: Toddler, Baby Einstein

Autism Spectrum

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Baby Einstein Signing.. Good or Bad??

My daughter has been watching baby einstein once or twice a day (mostly at naptime) since she was 4 months old.. she has been signing since she was 1 yr old now 17 mos.. I recentely heard it is bad for your child to do sign?! Please help a lady on the today show said it retards your baby?? if anything my daughter is excelled in language and communication with me! Any other moms out there watching baby einstein videos and have any issues or concerns?

Cerebral Palsy

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Entertaining a 3-Month Old?

I have just recently begun staying home with my beautiful 3-month old daughter. She is amazingly alert and doesn't take very long naps during the day (maybe 30-45 minutes). I am a scientist at heart and not very creative. I had no idea how much free time I would have with her...trying to entertain her!!! Please help me. What advice can you give? I run out of ideas very quickly. I don't like leaving her for long periods in the swing/bouncer seat etc...(not that she likes to stay in them long either). I like to save those for when I really...