Pre-schooler with Constant Runny Nose

Updated on October 12, 2010
C.J. asks from Racine, WI
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My 3.5 year old son started pre-school this fall and has a constant runny nose. Is there anything I should be concerned about or is it just a part of being around 17 other kids? This is his first time with lots of other kids on a consistent basis.

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So What Happened?

We're currently trying some OTC allergy medicine and that seems to be working. Thanks for all the responses!

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answers from Dallas on

My son had a constant runny nose as well. We did see an allergist when he was 2. The meds helped a bit, but he was still constantly getting sick. And, to top it off, he was home with me all day, so he was not even around other kids all the time! I was introduced to a supplement that has helped dramatically. His immune system is so much stronger and I've also see great improvements with his allergies. I was even able to take him off of an allergy med! He started going to a little preschool twice a week, and remarkably he's staying healthy. I definitely attribute it to the supplement. Let me know if you want more info about it. Good luck to you! I know it can be frustrating!

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answers from Chicago on

Was your son in a daycare prior or at home? This is the season of runny noses, so it may very well be the time of year. If he has not had this much exposure before to other kids at once then he is going to get hit a little more often with the colds and flu's. With our daughter every year around this time of year has been better then the last since her immunities are building. Hang in there.

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answers from Boston on

It's perfectly normal to see a child that young with a runny nose. Their little immune systems are working to fight off germs. Their bodies need to fight smaller germs so that when they get bigger they can fight off or prevent bigger ones (Diabetes, Lupus, allergies, asthma, etc). My suggestion is to go out and get a high berry content multi-vitamin (we use Nordic Berries and Elderberry syrup at my house). Works like a champ and builds their immune systems naturally.

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answers from Johnstown on

This could be a number of things, but I'm betting it's either his immune system getting an overload or allergies. You may want to consult your dr. to get a proper diagnosis.

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answers from Dover on

Does he have allergies? Is he sick or could it be a reaction to something at the center?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Check him for allergies.

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answers from Allentown on

I agree with many answers below. Check into what products are being used in his environment- this includes your home. I have managed in the past 6 months to provide a toxin free environment for my children in my home. I cannot control everywhere they will be, but it they have no toxins at home, their bodies will not be overloaded and hopefully be able to handle getting rid of the ones they do come in contact with, without them getting allergies or sensitivities. Also, I give them childrens vitamins scientifically formulated for absorbancy. 10x more absorbable then your flintstone type childrens vitamins. I want to make sure what I am giving them is actually helping them! Msg me for info!

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answers from Boston on

Why not boost his immune system? He is trying to fight off what's around him, but you can do so much for him without going the medical route, allergy testing and meds. And don't even bother with those children's vitamins - there are a host of reasons why they don't work and are a waste of money. And they carry warning labels! It is so simple if you are open to good information. I'm a nutritional consultant and help people for free.

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answers from Jacksonville on

It could easily be colds due to exposure to more viruses via the preschool experience. But it could also be allergies. This is not an unusual time for them to start. My son started when he was 4 in preschool. His teacher even asked me if he could be allergic to something in the classroom, because his stuffiness and runny nose were accompanied by bouts of sneezing. (He would sneeze 3 or 4 times in a row, several times a day, and their "day" was only 3 1/2 hours long). He also started sneezing a lot more at home. He is 12 now, and is receiving immunotherapy (allergy shots) due to his continual battle with the runny nose. Which became a year round thing. Right now, there are a lot of things that can cause runny nose out.... goldenrod is in full bloom for instance.

If he doesn't act sick, just runny nose all the time, I would think it is more likely a pollen/mold/pet allergy. My son never felt bad from his allergies... just annoyed by the need for nose blowing and tissues all the time. Even people who so not consider themselves "allergic" to stuff, have drippy noses this time of year, and it is an allergy thing. But they have mild and short term drippiness, so probably assume they are fighting off a cold that never arrives. :)

If you can find local honey, a teaspoon every day can sometimes help. I know adults who SWEAR by it. Our son has so many different allergen triggers in the environment (including molds) that it didn't work for him. But it does for a lot of people.

Good luck.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It could be allergies; it's allergy season. Ask your doctor. (I would do that first rather than check out the supplements people are subtly trying to sell you on here.) When my son was two and in daycare he had a constantly runny nose, but when we put him on allergy medicine (I think it was Zyrtec OTC), it cleared up. That happened every spring and fall for a few years.



answers from Milwaukee on

My son had a constant runny nose. This was not your average drippy nose ~ it was thick mucus. We ended up having his tonsils and adenoids taken out (for other reasons ~ sleep apnea) and this solved the problem. I'm so glad we did because I didnt' want him to be made fun of in school for being the booger-boy. It might be worth asking your doc about at your next visit....if he/she thinks tonsil and adenoid removal would be worth it. Also, my son NEVER gets sick anymore ~ even when all his siblings are sick.

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