5 Year Old with Runny Nose Going on 2+ Years

Updated on March 08, 2012
B.B. asks from Schenectady, NY
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my child has had this awful clear cloudy runny nose for seems like going on 2 years or more...her dr keeps blowing it off and saying its just a cold..and i do not see how someone can have a cold for that long...so we finally got her dr to send her to an allergy dr..and he did the skin scratch test and it was ll neg..so we thought well maybe that test just didnt work on her so we asked for the blood test..and it all came back neg to..i am so frustrated and would like answers i hate seeing my litle girl having to keep blowing her nose 24-7 365 days a year...her symps are the clear cloudy runny nose and congestion and dark circles under her eyes...she doesnt feel bad at all..just hates having to contiune to wipe her nose..all her symps points to allergies..but i dont know because all the test was neg..we just want some answers to what it could be and to fix the problem..thanks everyone for your time to read and suggestions..

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So What Happened?

we have tried otc meds as told by her ped.. claritin allegra sudafed..different nose sprays..and none of it seems to help any..she went to an ent last yer for lots of strep..and this year no strep any i am so thankful for that..i called her ent and they cant get her in till may..so we will have to wait till may i guess and see what they say.thanks again everyone

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answers from New York on

Bring her to an ENT and have them look her over; it sounds similar to a mild, chronic sinus infection -- although I don't know at what age kids may becom susceptible to those. She may have other drainage issues that they can identify and correct. Poor thing. Good luck!

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answers from Santa Fe on

You should go see a different doctor and try again. It sure does sound like allergies to me. The other thing it could be is a food sensitivity which is different than an allergy. I found out my years and years of having a stuffed up nose (and headaches) were due to a food sensitivity. Mine was to msg and all the other 20 msg related ingredients. You can google "msg myth" to find a webpage showing what to avoid and try this out with your daughter. But it could be anything. I hope you can figure it out!

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answers from Chicago on

Have you tried giving her an OTC antihistamine to see if it helps? Just a small dose of children's Claritin or Zyrtec once a day might help her. It could take a few days to start working at first and some kids have side effects, but neither one seem to bother my daughter.

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answers from Allentown on

I'd have to say allergies to maybe something that you are using in the home that is affecting her, or perfume, or something she is eating. Maybe it is a sensitivity, not a full blown allergy- but like you said, something she shouldn't have to deal with. Have you tried eliminating certain things in rotation to def cross them off your list of things that are affecting her?

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answers from Cincinnati on

sounds like allergies to me. It could be something you are using in your house too. You could try an ENT. I just had a bad experience with an allergist.

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answers from Jacksonville on

What allergies did they test her for? There are environmental allergies (pollens, molds, etc) and there are food allergies. Either can cause what you describe, but the doctors may have tested only for one type. Do you know if they tested for both types or not?

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answers from Cumberland on

Try an ENT-they'll fix it.

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answers from Dallas on

Have you taken her to an ENT specialist?

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answers from Dover on

My first thought was allergies too. Maybe it isn't an allergy to the normal allergen but maybe she is having a reactiong to some products in your home?....chemicals like bath and body products, detergents, cleaners, etc.

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answers from Seattle on

You are describing me to a tee when I was younger. To this day every morning I sneeze constantly until about 10ish and then I have a runny nose and congestion all day most the time. I found Puff with lotion no scent work best. I also have had all the allergy tests done and tested negative. I found when I took a antihistamine every day it seemed to help but I have done that in many years just because I didn't like feeling sluggish. Even Claratin I didn't like.
Sorry if this didn't help but I feel for you and hope it gets better for you.

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answers from San Antonio on

Take her to an ENT. My daughter had the same thing. She has been on Nasonex for two months and has not had a runny nose once.

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answers from New York on

I swear by vitamin C for allergies. Ascorbic Acid is as good as Rose Hips. Anything that is not used by the system is thrown out via the urinary tract, which is good for that. So, her urine will become yellow. Since it is thrown out, it won't build up in her body, so she won't turn all different colors. The worst thing that can happen if you give her too much, is that she has loose stool. Build up to 1000 mgs. If she has loose stool, back off to where she didn't. Vitamin C comes in liquid, powder and pill form. Choose whichever you think your daughter will take. To start off with, I would suggest either the powder or liquid; then you can control how much you give her.

Hope this helps,

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answers from Los Angeles on

its probably allergies to the environment. they arent going to test for hundreds of different pollens and grass. get some benadryl and give it to her. my 5 year old has bad outside allergies and she takes benadryl (4 years now) and does nasal rinses to aid in relief.

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answers from Rochester on

it may be a food allergy. I'd say 'try' something but it would be an elimination game. you'd have to supplement for what you remove from her diet.

personally, I would start with gluten. It's a culprit in a lot of things - and it may be holding her back somewhere else in her body - that doesn't have a nose to show a symptom like a 'faucet'. But going gluten free is *hard* for some people.

Also, a decent pro-biotic (no, not the kind added to convenience foods like milk and yogurt) that is 10 million plus - with strains that don't die off in the stomach - would be important too.

Good luck,

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