What Is This Allergy?

Updated on February 03, 2011
S.H. asks from Madison, AL
5 answers

I have had an allergy since at least early high school. The reaction is not as severe as it once was, but I woke up with it again this morning and thought I'd ask if anyone else might know what it is...

Sometimes during the Spring & Fall I will wake up with hives. It usually starts on my hands (back of my hands, knuckles, underside of my wrists), and will move to my elbows, feet, knees, then spread to the rest of my arms & legs if I don't get any medicine soon enough (kinda like today...ugh). I can take Benadryl (it puts me to sleep) or Zyrtec (or similar) and it will go away.

I've also found that it seems to be related to how cold I am. When I find that the hives are appearing, I notice that I am cold/have been cold. Last night, the house was cold and my husband kept stealing the covers! So I woke up cold several times last night. But in the car when I turned on the heat, it relieves the itching some.

I probably should go have allergy tests, but thought I would try here first. Any suggestions??

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answers from Nashville on

I have looked for like 15 minutes on the internet and I cant find anything. I went to webmd.com and put in the symptoms and still couldnt find anything :( I would go to your doctor....sorry i couldnt be more help....Good luck!!



answers from Biloxi on

well it sounds like your allergic to the cold. there was a lady in our church that was allergic to the cold and she would break out in hives also. but you should defenitly talk to your doctor about an allergy test!!!

good luck!!



answers from Rapid City on

Sounds like you have some form of Dermatographism... Mine is triggered by water (i.e. water touching my skin gives me hives and welts) - I was diagnosed by a Dermatologist about 7 years ago. For me, I have to take an allergy pill (I've had many different ones- perscription and non and Zyrtek has always worked best for me) EVERY day. If I skip one day of the meds- then I get hives after I shower.



answers from Knoxville on

Oh my goodness I have the same thing and never thought anyone else would! I have had it for years - when I get cold I get hives on my fingers and toes, and it spreads too, if I don't get warm. My fingers even get stiff so that I can't use my hands. It happened one day when I was at the dr office for something else (darn air conditioner!) and he explained that once you get hives (which I had, stress-related, just over 8 years ago) it stays in your body until it is triggered by something. Apparently my trigger is cold. Sounds like yours is too. A NP gave me a steroid cream for the hives, but I am not comfortable with the side effects so never use it. As long as I warm up I can handle the itching.
Hope this helps you!

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