Dust Mites

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Dust Allergies

A.T. asks from Chicago

My son has dust and mite allergies,please suggest me some tips @home or outside home to stay away from dust.home made remedies too


Allergies to Dust Mites, Please Recommend a Good Vacuume Cleaner

L.N. asks from Chicago

I have really bad allergies to dust mites and we have to clean and vacuume every week. We bought a shark infinity nv30 2years ago and it no longer works. The hose ...


Pets and Dust

L.F. asks from Philadelphia

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and my in laws want us to bring her up to their place, the only problem I have is that they have 3 hyper dogs and two cats in house. Th...


Dust Mite Allergies

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone . . . I was wondering if any of you have children that are highly allergic to dust mites? My 8 yr. old daughter started complaining of breathing diffic...


My 4 Year Old Has Dust Allergy! Any Advice???

J.D. asks from Denver

My 4 year old was just diagnosed with being allergic to dust, weeds, cats, and dogs. Thankfully, we have no pets and I can deal with the weeds pollinating from June-...


Dust in My House Any Suggestions?

S.C. asks from Detroit

Okay: Here's the deal. I have noticed that I have to dust like every other day in order for the dust not to get caked on my furniture. We had the duct's cleaned thi...


Lots of Dust. Any Solution?

G.P. asks from Boca Raton

Hi moms, We've recently moved, but there are tons of dust in my new home. I vacuum, dust and mop on a daily basis, but you woldn't see the difference 2 hours later. ...


Dust-free Home

L.Z. asks from San Francisco

Hey ladies i have 2 boys and myself whom has bad allergies. I can live with them . However it's hard to see them live with them . Finally i was able to have my 3 yr o...


Mattress Cover for Dust Mite Allergy

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - I just bought my son a new mattress and need advice regarding a mattress cover. His allergist recommended a specific brand, but it is much more expensive...


Dust Mite Allergies and Rambunctious Kids

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

A question for fellow allergy sufferers. I am very allergic to dust mites. My roomba vacuums daily, I vacuum weekly, and my bedroom is like a safe zone for me (pill...