Son Has Hives for Two Nights Plz Read and Vomit and Runny Nose Cough

Updated on February 23, 2013
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
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hello my son has a runny nose cough was but not anymore using breathing treatments threw up three times this week and now has hives for the past two nigthts out of no where. he fell asleep tonight still has the hives on his arms and worried it will get worse through night while were sleeping. he has no allergy med in him tonight only last night.
he also get eczema on his knees and elbows to the point its raised and almost bleeding. im starting to wonder if this is no cold at all and more an allergy to something such as dairy. this is has been going on since hes 15 months old and hes now 3 however the hives are new. only on arms.
what do u think i should do as a very worried mom im at the end of the rope trying to figure all this out!

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answers from Washington DC on

He has got far too many things going on for us to "diagnose" him on a parent Internet board.

Please get him to a doctor immediately. He needs allergy tests, tests for his breathing (it's not clear in your post what the breathing problem was, or is), tests on those hives. The hives may not be hives at all but a rash that could mean anything from mere irriation to an infection. He needs a long and serious medical workup because he has lots of seemingly unrelated things that, taken together, mean he needs a doctor, not an online forum. I hope he gets better but don't wait for that to just happen. Get him help.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, those hives are a sign of allergy. He really needs allergy meds and to see a doctor. If you have allergy meds there, give him some and call the emergency line of his doctor and see what they recommend, then do what they say. If you can't do that, call your nearest hospital and see if they have a nurse's answer line. Keep a check on your son.
That's for tonight.

Then keep a food diary that tells his food for the day and any symptoms like hives or runny nose or if his skin condition gets worse. information will make diagnosis much easier.

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answers from Green Bay on

Why haven't you taken him to a doctor?!

Have you ever had hives?? They are not fun!

Get off the computer and take him to a doctor. PLEASE!

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answers from Dallas on

DOCTOR - get a professional if you already haven't. Have you had him tested for allergies? A bunch of moms on a website is not going to be able to help you. This isn't normal.

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answers from Seattle on


If you don't know whether to take him to the ER, wait until the morning for the Ped, or treat at home?

Call the 24/7 nurse advice line through your hospital.

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